Less Is Truly More When It Comes To 2012 Prime Signatures

Hypothetically speaking, if Panini were a character from Batman’s world, I think they would make a good Two-Face.  Some of their products look like cookie cutter brands from year to year, but then they bring out a product like Prime Signatures which looks amazing.  Its almost like they have dual design team disorder.

The on-card autographs found in Prime Signatures are some of the nicest cards Panini has released, along with those silhouette autographed patches found in Crown Royale.  Less is truly more when it comes to Prime Signatures.  Just by looking at them, you can tell they aren’t overly designed.  They basically let the photo and signature do all the work.  I love the use of white when it comes to card design.  It doesn’t always have to be white either.  Sticking with mainly one color for the overall design can work well too.  Just watch out for those dreaded white boxes if the background isn’t all white.

The Rookie Extreme Prime Materials Jumbo cards contain the perfect sized patch along with an on-card signature.  Not every card will be hard signed.  There will be plenty of stickers, but at least the backgrounds are white and they won’t stick out like a sore thumb.  I’m hoping 2012 Prime Signatures is printed on thick card stock again.







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