Sportkings Adds New ’12 NSCC Promo + Paterno Card Pulled


Sportkings has added an additional element to their 2012 National Sports Collectors Convention Premium Back Redemption Program.  Any collector that spells the word “SPORTKINGS” using the Premium Back base cards found in Series E twenty-five times can have Jared Kelley paint them their own giant art card.  This card will measure 2.5′ x 3.5′ and can be of your favorite Sportking.  Personally, I’d pick Harry Kalas 🙂

Sportkings has also announced they will be pulling the Joe Paterno art card from their Premium Back Redemption Program.  At this time, they didn’t think it would be good to include it due to the Penn State scandal.

Here are some of the other art cards you can obtain by spelling the word “SPORTKINGS” five times.





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