“Pin-Up” of the Week: ’12 Little League World Series ESPN 3D Utility Pin


ESPN pins are very popular during the Little League World Series.  They are some of the most sought after and valuable pins you can get.  These pins aren’t the easiest to obtain either.  A few years ago when I was in Williamsport, I passed an ESPN camera man with a ton of pins.  I asked him how you can get them, and he refused to talk to me.  I’ll have to try again this year.  When I talked to that camera man, Sports Card Info was only a couple of years old.  Its much more famous now, ESPN should know who I am this time around… haha!  🙂

This pin is kinda cool as it features the ESPN 3D camera men as members of the Ghostbusters.  I’m not sure why they would associate them with the Ghostbusters.  Perhaps the equipment they use looks like their proton packs.  Its limited to 100.

2 Responses

  1. Looking at these different pins, makes me want to start researching more on them..you have posted a many interesting ones…really like this one.

  2. Everyone at the LLWS does associate the camera men with ghostbusters because of the packs they wear through the stadium.

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