Flashback Product of the Week: 1992 Donruss Diamond Kings Jumbo Test Issue


Just because overproduction plagued the hobby back in 1992 doesn’t mean you can’t have a few rare gems floating around.  Donruss put their printers into overdrive when it was time to start manufacturing Series 1 and Series 2 baseball that year.  One of the biggest cards collectors were hoping to pull was the Cal Ripken, Jr autograph.  Trust me, when your pumping out billions of cards having one limited to 5,000 copies is a big deal.

If you weren’t lucky enough to get a Ripken autograph, then you could easily sit back and enjoy the Diamond Kings inserts featuring portraits by popular sports artist Dick Perez.  Having the Diamond Kings cards as inserts versus a subset really made some collectors mad, but they got over it.

Outside of the normal Diamond Kings set, you will find some very expensive jumbo Diamond Kings cards.  These look exactly like the cards you would pull, except they are 5″x7″ in size.  They are quite rare, and collectors will pay out the nose to get the ones they need.  These jumbo cards were never officially released to the public.  Multiple stories depict their origin.  Some say they were intended as premiums for retail products.  Others say Donruss made them for specific marketing representatives.  I think they’re really salesmen samples.  Each card in the regular Diamond Kings set has a jumbo counterpart.

How much are player collectors willing to spend on one of these jumbos?  A Randy Johnson card recently sold for $535.00.


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