Flashback Product of the Week: 1960 Fleer Casper The Friendly Ghost


Continuing the Halloween theme for this month, today we have 1960 Fleer Casper The Friendly Ghost.  This is another 66-card set that features Casper and various other Harvey Cartoon characters.  As you can imagine, Casper is the main subject of this set, but you’ll also find Baby Huey, Spooky, and Little Audrey.  Casper has a huge pop-culture following which is probably why single sealed packs can sell for well over one hundred dollars depending on the condition.  Boxes are worth well over a thousand dollars if you’re lucky enough to find one.


Gotta love that wood grain television design.  It reminds me of 1955 Bowman Baseball.  Acetate card stock would work well for a modern day Casper set.  You can see through it just like a ghost.

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