A Sneak Peak At 2012 Fleer Retro Football – Will It Live Up To It’s Basketball Counterpart?

Upper Deck deserves to be card manufacturer of the year.  Why?  Fleer Retro Basketball.  Creating a product where collectors are willing to spend thousands of dollars on an non-autographed/non-relic parallel is just amazing.  Today’s hobby is so autograph and relic driven many have forgotten about the popularity of those rare inserts and parallels made so famous back in the 90’s.  A lot of collectors have been waiting for a product such as this.  Just take a gander at some of these prices:

There are countless others, but you get the drift.

After the success they’ve been having with Fleer Retro Basketball, it makes sense that Upper Deck gives it a try with football.  Will it have the same impact?  I don’t think so.  Basketball is popular all over the world unlike American football.  The rare Precious Metal Gems football cards from the 90’s sell for some good money, but its nothing compared to basketball.  Jambalaya inserts will be included with football which is a first and an idea they’re bringing over from the basketball line.  Other inserts included within ’12 Fleer Retro Football include Golden Touch, A Cut Above, Noyz Boyz, Flair Hot Hands, Metal Championship Hardware, Intimidation Nation, Ultra Stars, Playmakers Theatre, and Flair Legacy Row 0.





Will ’12 Fleer Retro Football be a success?  I believe so.  But I doubt you will see the prices as high as basketball.  You can look for six autographs per box.  Upper Deck is shooting for a February release, but that probably will change.  They aren’t the best when delivering products on time, but the wait is usually worth it.

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  1. Since i like UD i will buy some

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