Flashback Product of the Week: 1991 Impel – A Nightmare On Elm Street


Freddy Krueger is one of the biggest horror icons that has ever hit the big screen.  Unlike Michael Myers or Jason, Freddy kills with comedic style.  By 1991, Wes Craven’s creation already was a well established slasher villain. Impel’s A Nightmare On Elm Street cards only came in a boxed set form.  No loose packs here.  The base set has 120-cards, 10 specialty cards, and 2 “Freddy Vision” holograms.  The cards show movie stills and behind-the-scenes images ranging from A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984) to Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare (1991).   They got a little creative when it came to the box design as it looks like a coffin.


For you true die-hard horror collectors.  Impel did make a premium version of this set that was only made available through a mail-in offer.  This boiler room style box houses a complete factory set, t-shirt, and COA.  The base set is the same, but the special cards and holograms are different.  There are 144 cards in all.  This version is much rarer.  It’s worth about $70.00 where as the basic version can go for $10.00 to $30.00.


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  1. Actually, the base set, which is included in EVERY coffin, was all 132 cards(120 from films, Specialty cards S1-S10 and Hologram cards H1 & H2). The boiler room box contained an ADDITIONAL 12 cards(Specialty cards SA-SJ and Holoigram cards HA & HB) that were not included in the coffin. The boiler room box still contained the full original 132 cards in the coffin, and the additional 12 cards were loose in the box, for a COMPLETE set of 144 cards

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