Sketch Card Autos Coming To Best Of Football

Leaf’s “Best Of” series have been very popular with collectors.  It gives you a second chance at pulling some high-end “hits”.  During the 2012 National Sports Collectors Convention that’s all I saw collectors opening at the Leaf booth.  After their success with Best Of Baseball and Best Of Basketball, it only seems right for them to make Best Of Football.  2012 Best Of Football will include (1) slabbed/graded card and (1) original Leaf autographed card.  If you’re lucky, you might pull one of these autographed original one-of-one sketch cards.  From what Leaf has shown so far, I think they look good.  Not only will these sketches be signed by the artist, but the player too.  Redemptions for sealed vintage packs will also be randomly thrown in.



We haven’t seen a whole lot of sketch cards signed by athletes.  Gypsy Queen introduced us to the first relic sketches.

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  1. I will put them on my buy list

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