“Pin-Up” of the Week: Augusta National Golf Club Member Pin


What you are looking at here is probably one of the most notable pins a golf fan could have in their collection.  This is an Augusta National Golf Club Member lapel pin.  If you’re a member of the Augusta National Golf Club, you are either a very good golfer or have more money than you can count.  It was founded in 1933 and designed by Bobby Jones and Alex MacKenzie.  It is best known for hosting the Masters Tournament.  The only way you can become a member is if you’re invited.  If you get invited, you’re expected to pay anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000 for the initial fee.  Let’s not forget about the thousands you’ll be paying in annual dues.  This is like getting invited to a party and the host telling you the only way you’ll get through the front door is if you bring a keg worth thirty grand.  Then again, when you see the list of people who are members this kind of money really isn’t much, i.e. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.

Augusta has changed membership pins over time, and this is one of their older ones.  This one in particular has a $475.00 price tag.  Sports Card Info is still waiting for its invitation.

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