“Pin-Up” of the Week: Taylor Sacks Theismann – Spring Loaded Leg Breaking Pin


November 18, 1985 the Redskins and Giants were playing on Monday Night Football.  This is one of those games that historians will never forget, specially one play.  Washington’s quarterback Joe Theismann was sacked by Lawrence Taylor, and when they both fell to the ground Taylor’s knee drove right into Theismann’s lower right leg.  It was a career ending injury for Theismann.  ESPN viewers voted it the NFL’s “Most Shocking Moment in History”.

I usually never know what Sports Card Info’s “Pin-Up” of the Week will be until the day I decide to post it.  This is by far one of the most entertaining pins I’ve found.  It depicts Taylor sacking Theismann.  Not only that, but Theismann’s lower right leg is on a spring which can be bent in order to reenact the famous break.  This pin is in no way affiliated with the NFL.  There are no team names or logos either, but we all know what play they’re talking about.  These have been known to sell for $10.00 – $20.00.


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