Flashback Product of the Week: 1990 Kingpins Premier Edition


Grab your buddies, guzzle some beer, and do your best Fred Flinstone impression, because its time to go bowling.  Collect-A-Card Corp. out of Greenville, SC released Kingpins Premier Edition back in 1990.  This officially PBA licensed 100-card set contains some of the top money makers of the day.  Don Carter, Dick Weber, and Earl Anthony are just some of the bowlers that make up this set.  Bowling has been a popular pastime for years, but there are few collectors out there searching for cards of the pros.  Kingpins Premier Edition holds little value today while fully packed boxes can be found for under $20.00.  Companies like Rittenhouse, Sportkings, and even Donruss/Playoff have included bowlers in some of their modern products.  They still aren’t that desirable.

Wait a second.  Maybe this product holds more historic value to the hobby than what we think.  Randomly inserted within packs of ’90 Kingpins Premier Edition were autographed cards.  This is the same year Upper Deck issued ’90 Upper Deck Baseball that included the famous Reggie Jackson Heroes autograph limited to 2,500 copies.  That’s right.  In 1990, there were more pack inserted autographs of bowlers compared to baseball players.  Upper Deck wasn’t the only manufacturer issuing autographs that year.


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