Panini Gives Collectors A Peek At Their Super Bowl XLVII Promos

The Super Bowl is a paradise for promos.  Now that we know who will be heading to the Super Bowl this year, the promos will start to roll out.  It sure didn’t take Panini long to give collectors a peek at their Super Bowl XLVII promotional set.  How does one obtain this set?  Nobody quite knows yet, but it won’t be long until they unveil the details.  Panini has a reputation of having some of the best promotional programs in the industry.  If there’s one thing they’re good at, its promos.

The 49ers and Ravens will play in Super Bowl XLVII on 2/3/13.  Its refreshing to see two teams in it that haven’t been there for a long time.  We finally have a year without the Giants or Patriots.  I believe I can speak for the hobby when I say that Colin Kaepernick surprised the hell out of us.  Nobody expected to see his cards selling for what they are now.

Panini’s Super Bowl plans are just unfolding.  There is much more to come.



This set will be available at Panini’s booth during the Super Bowl XLVII NFL Experience.  It will consist of eight 49ers, eight Ravens, and eight Saints.  Plus there will be two commemorative patch cards.  One will commemorate Super Bowl XLVII and the other will commemorate Drew Brees’ performance in Super Bowl XLIV.  To see more be sure to check out The Knight’s Lance.

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