Retro Spreads To Hockey

I guess when you have a hit on your hands, you just don’t let it go.  With the shortened 2012-2013 hockey season, and having the NHLPA announce that no rookie cards shall be produced, manufacturers have been forced to cancel several products.  Upper Deck said yesterday that they plan to cancel 12/13 NHL SPx, 12/13 NHL Upper Deck Series Two, and 12/13 Ultimate Collection.  Despite these cancellations, some of those products were already in production.  Upper Deck plans to include many of those big “hits” into the remaining products they intend to release.

Within the last year, there is no argument that one of Upper Deck’s most successful products is their Retro brand.  Bringing back all those classic insert designs from the 90’s was very popular with collectors.  It all started with basketball, and football won’t be far behind.  Hockey collectors can now look forward to Retro.  Retro Hockey will most likely be a high-end product selling for $300.00 to $500.00 a box.  Its scheduled to be released in April, but it wouldn’t surprise me if that changed.

Upper Deck truly listened to collectors when it came to Retro.  Collectors have been wanting these inserts and parallels to make a return for years.  I wish they could do Retro Baseball.  Its a big deal when a manufacturer can make a product where people are willing to spend thousands on a non-autographed, non-relic, insert or parallel in today’s hobby.  I think Retro Hockey will be more successful than Retro Football.  Hockey has more of an international appeal than American football.  The only thing that sticks out to me on these preview images is that some of the names are slightly difficult to read.  Light text and light colored backgrounds don’t mix well.  Its probably not a big deal, and the cards look different in person.









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