Flashback Product of the Week: 1992 Beach Sports Premiere Edition


Do you want to live the BEACH SPORTS lifestlye?  I know I sure do.

The 1992 Beach Sports Premiere Edition set consists of 100 cards covering various sports you can obviously play while at the beach – volleyball, surfing, skateboarding, and windsurfing.  For those collectors that decided to rip into a box of Beach Sports, the key cards to look for were the holograms and the Michael Irvin autograph.  That’s correct, Dallas Cowboys Hall of Fame wide receiver Michael Irvin has an autographed card in a beach themed set.  The card doesn’t picture him in his Cowboys uniform scoring a big touchdown.  Instead it shows Irvin playing beach volleyball with a big signature on the back.  I guess for the most die-hard Cowboys or Irvin collector you’d have to have it.  Although I highly doubt its one that collectors look for a lot.

Needless to say, this product didn’t last long.  Its very difficult for sports like this to survive in a standalone product.  They do quite well when thrown into products like Allen & Ginter, Sportkings, and Goodwin Champions.  Boxes can easily be found for under $10.00.


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