Super Bowl XLVII Promo Pack Break

Last week I took advantage of Panini’s Super Bowl XLVII promotion they had going over on  In order to get one of these promo packs you had to purchase a 2012 football product worth $60.00 or more.  Luckily I was able to get in on the deal by picking up a retail box of 2012 Absolute before they sold out.  This weekend I plan to break the Absolute box, but I couldn’t wait to open my promo pack.

Inside was a Joe Greene autograph #’ed/25.  There really isn’t a bad pack when it comes to this promo.  Each pack has an autograph of a veteran or popular 2012 rookie numbered to 25 or less.


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  1. […] usually don’t buy retail boxes, but in order to get my Panini Super Bowl XLVII promo pack I had to purchase something from their store.  Not too bad for a retail […]

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