2013 Press Pass Ignite Preview

Take a look at this early preview of 2013 Press Pass Ignite.  New things to look for this year include at least one hot box plus a bonus “hit” within each half case.  Another highlight to look for includes the autographed Daytona 500 tire relic cards.  Every box will have one relic and one autograph.  I wonder if Press Pass is using sticker autographs with this product?  The signatures featured on these preview images sure look as if they’re on stickers.  They might just be that way for the scans.  I can’t imagine they would switch to those big stickers.  Ignite is due out May 1st.

 photo 2013-press-pass-ignite-racing-848_zps96b76645.jpg

 photo 2013-press-pass-ignite-racing-846_zps65fc9bd4.jpg

 photo 2013-press-pass-ignite-racing-845_zpsc9f77efb.jpg

 photo 2013-press-pass-ignite-racing-847_zps7615c059.jpg

 photo 2013-press-pass-ignite-racing-849_zps05b1e68c.jpg

I really like the look of the Supercharged Signatures.  Lots of white makes those relics stand out.

 photo 2013-press-pass-ignite-racing-850_zps895914b3.jpg

 photo 2013-press-pass-ignite-racing-851_zps716dc96c.jpg

These Danica Patrick Daytona 500 Pole Winner “Zero” cards will fall one per half case.

 photo 2013-press-pass-ignite-racing-853_zps36c04226.jpg

The Davey Allison Tribute cards will also come one per half case.

 photo 2013-press-pass-ignite-racing-852_zps3e4998f6.jpg

2013 NASCAR Hall of Fame inserts come one per box.

 photo 2013-press-pass-ignite-racing-854_zpsc65941ce.jpg

Starting with 2013 Ignite, the Press Pass Power Pack promotion gets some additional content.  Inside each Power Pack you’ll find one numbered Power Pick base card, plus and exclusive Jeff Gordon Hot Threads firesuit card containing swatches from his DuPont sponsorship.  These can only be found in Power Packs.

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  1. […] on-card and I didn’t even think they owned stickers.  This was a real shock.  When we got our first preview of 2013 Ignite you could see a sticker-like image around the autographs, but I thought they might have been placed […]

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