Treasure Detectives Tackle The Cobb-Edwards T206 Wagner

Thanks to shows like Pawn Stars, sports memorabilia has been getting its share of prime time coverage.  I usually make it a point to watch if I hear that a sports related item is going to be featured in one of their segments.  One of the newest shows that deals with collectibles began this month on CNBC Prime called Treasure Detectives.  In this show, experts take a look at specific items brought to them by individuals and they determine whether or not the item is real or fake based on a handul of forensic tests.  The hour long program usually swaps back and forth during the investigation process between the two items that are in question.  Its a refreshing show that doesn’t focus mainly on the item’s value, although dollar amounts do pop-up when they talk about what the item could potential be worth if it is determined to be authentic.

In the second episode, part of the show covers the Cobb-Edwards 1909-11 T206 Honus Wagner tobacco card.  Out of the 50 or 60 examples that exist today, this one has been in question for years.  According to Edwards, it was purchased from someone who obtained it at an estate sale in 1980.  Before that, there isn’t too much history on how the card surfaced or who owned it.  It was originally purchased supposedly for $1,800.00.  Over the years the card has gone through a handful of tests each coming up with vague yes-no determinations.  Eventually it landed itself in an ACA Grading holder which deemed the card to be authentic.  Why would they use ACA Grading to authenticate their card?  Most likely because they were the only company willing to touch the card and say it was real.  ACA probably wanted some attention from the hobby too.

For a majority of the show, Mr. Edwards wouldn’t let the examiners remove the card from it’s holder.  It wasn’t until the end where they brought in the individual from ACA Grading who encased the card and asked him to remove it so they could take a closer look under a microscope.  While taking a look at it with the microscope, you could clearly see the print pattern on the Cobb-Edwards card was not consistent with other T206 cards from the same set.  The font and spacing was off too.  One of the best ways to determine if a T206 card is counterfeit is to compare it to another common card from the set.  These cards were originally made as promos, and were expected to be thrown out.  They didn’t go out of their way to make some cards better looking than others.  Scanning the card in the CT scanner revealed that there was a potential bulge near the middle indicating that there might be more than one piece of paper present.  Given that the card was still in its holder at the time of the scan, they indicated that their measurements could be off.  I personally don’t buy that for a second.  CT scanners are designed to see through skin, muscle, tissue, and bone.  Not to mention tumors deep within the brain.  A little plastic holder shouldn’t be a problem.  Then again, I’m no doctor.

It was interesting to watch the show’s experts go about making a fake.  The end result was a spot on match to the Cobb-Edwards card.  The paper used on the Cobb-Edwards card is old which leads me to believe that its probably just an early fake.  Given all this information, it was no surprise that in the end they came to the conclusion the card isn’t the real thing.  Most collectors that were already aware of this card have had that in their heads for years.

As for the Canadian based ACA Grading.  What little reputation they had in the industry has been blown out to sea.

Treasure Detectives can be seen on CNBC Prime Tuesday nights @ 9:00 EST.  They also run re-runs all the time.

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  1. Like you said you’ll no doctor and I bet no top forensic expert in fibers and paper. CNBC show was a joke and the truth will come out later. My card pass the black light test. Don’t the hobby and grading companies use this kind of testing. As for ACA grading. I was there for the testing on my card from ACA grading and the 2 hour test from the document examiner. Both did it by the book. Now run and ask PSA, SGC, and other top grading companies do they use this kind of testing on pre-1921 cards. NO, NO. Now if you want the real story about what went down on the show, talk to me. Also go to my website and learn something about paper and printing. It will look good in your next article about this subject. And when do collectors over ride forensics. I am a collector for over 30 years and I know when to put my ego in my pocket and call the experts. This industry is full of ego tripping….

  2. You are a scammer, Ray Edwards. Just go away. This card is a fake, made by piecing a reproduction front (with the wrong font) on a skinned T206 back. And you know it. You enlisted a fly-by-night “grading company” that had never before graded any baseball card to “authenticate” your piece of junk as something that nobody in the hobby had ever heard of or could point to any precedent for.

    And don’t even bother trying to threaten me with a libel suit. I hope you do sue me, because I will hit you with a SLAPP motion so fast your head will spin. And then you will end up owing me probably more than you’re worth. I won’t accept the fake Wagner as payment for any part of it.

    • “A scammer ” who have I scam. Get the F out of here. You and other that think like you are mad that you haven’t came up with a method of authenticating a pre-1921 card like I have . So all my experts are scammer too. You need to check yourself, before you speak. Now for 10+ years you guy have came with opinions. Now I have came with fact and science. Now you tell me what stand up in the court of law. You say my card is skinned, prove it. You have not touch it; my card. To make the comment. Do you know how you sound. Not to smart. I hope this isn’t personal, because it only a card. And remember I am a grown man. That don’t take no sh*t. So keep it real. Have a good day. And be bless….

      • You are too dumb to know the first rule of holes: When you’re in one, stop digging.

        “‘A scammer ‘ who have I scam.”

        You have offered the fake, which you know to be a fake, for sale. That is a scam, even if no one is dumb enough to fall for it and pay you money.

        “Get the F out of here.”

        Stay classy, Cincinnati.

        “You and other that think like you are mad that you haven’t came up with a method of authenticating a pre-1921 card like I have .”

        You haven’t come up with a legitimate method of authenticating cards. You have just taken advantage of people’s willingness to do what you pay them for, and “analyze” only the pieces you want them to.

        “So all my experts are scammer too.”

        Bob Connelly (the auctioneer who tried to help you sell this card for protif) and Martin Brouillard (the “grading company” head who made up a designation for this card with absolutely no basis in anything in the history of card collecting) are scammers.
        Arnie Schwed (the “printing expert” whose educational experience, according to his own resume, consists of 3 semesters of junior college at two colleges he doesn’t even know the real names of (They’re Cerritos College and Mt. San Antonio College, not Cerritios Jr. College and Mr. San Antino College – see is either a scammer or so completely ignorant that he doesn’t know his report is garbage. It’s tough to tell which in his case.
        Integrated Paper Services was carefully selected to review only what you wanted them to: the back of the card. Since the back of the card came from a real T206 whose front and back were separated, and it’s the front that’s a modern bad fake creation, you have dragooned them into being part of your scheme.

        “You need to check yourself, before you speak.”

        You need to get in touch with reality.

        “Now for 10+ years you guy have came with opinions.”

        Yeah, they’re just opinions. Like relativity is just a theory.

        “Now I have came with fact and science.”

        Fact and science have actually shown your card to be fake. That little bulge in the middle of your card – it’s not pregnant; it’s glued together.

        “Now you tell me what stand up in the court of law.”

        Nothing you have offered.

        “You say my card is skinned, prove it.”

        It has already been proven. That was pretty much what happened on the TV show.

        “You have not touch it; my card.”

        I don’t need to touch an obvious fake to know it’s fake. I also don’t need to eat a rotten egg to know it’s rotten.

        By the way, you have real trouble keeping your lies straight. In this thread, you claim to have been a card collector for over 30 years, but when Michael O’Keefe was interviewing you for his book, you pretended to be a “babe in the woods”, and denied ever having been to a card show. You sort of had to there, because Brian Wentz outed you and your cousin as having asked him at a card show in 1992 about the value of a reprint Wagner you had in your possession, and, on being told that it was worthless, insisting that it would be worth money someday. Back then, every collector in an urban area went to card shows. There was no ebay.

        “To make the comment. Do you know how you sound.”

        To people who aren’t deeply invested in keeping your scam going, I sound pretty good.

        “Not to smart.”

        The word is too. You have a rare talent for beclowning yourself more with every sentence.

        “I hope this isn’t personal, because it only a card.”

        Well, actually, it’s a back of a T206 card attached to the front of a bad modern counterfeit. But calling that a card falls within some meanings of the term.

        Your ongoing scam, and the sympathetic media attention it has received, is doing ongoing damage to a hobby I love. I take it seriously, not personally, although if you persist in veiled threats like the one below, I will take it personally.

        “And remember I am a grown man. That don’t take no sh*t.”

        You’re a buffoon.

        “So keep it real. Have a good day. And be bless….”

        The abrupt change in tone from threatening to blessing suggests serious mental problems on your part. Get help.

  3. See this is what I been saying for years, about some of the people that make comments on my card and myself. Insults “Dumb”. I will keep this short. Like I say I haven’t scam no one. I got expert to look at my card and persisted the finding to the world. Now what’s wrong with that. Now for collecting cards for over 30 years. I have. You can’t tell me what I have done, just like I can’t tell you the same. So stop it. As for going to a card show back in the 1990’s. Like I said, I and my cousin never been to any card show. I don’t care who said we were there. So stop it. Printing expert Arnie Schwed, this person have been all over the world consulting in different countries and printing. He have been printing for over 45 years. I guess he’s a scammer to. Stop it. Also I and my cousin was there doing the examination of our card at IPS. And Walter the tech took a sample from the front of our card, not the back. He ask us could he do this and we said yes. We were there in person to witness this sample being taking. Not from the back, the front of the card. So stop it. Now for the CNBC show. I do believe I was one of the stars of the show, right. The host shine a black light on the front and back of my card. No florescent came from the back or front of my card. Which shows that my card is under 50 years old. And according to the hobby world, there were NO reprints of the Wagner out until the 1977 dover reprint. Which I have the catalog book. So explain that. You watch the show and seen it with your own eyes, right.

    Now I would like to see the same energy that you guys have put into calling me names and my card. Done on the Gretzky PSA-8 card. Trim, I say more then that. Ask Alan Ray the owner before Bill Mastro to show you the picture of the card before he sold it to Mastro. You do know that Mastro and others in the 70’s called them selves card doctors. So go after them with the same energy that you are bring my way. Ask Mr. Ray why not show the picture of the card, now that Bill said he trim the card. Show them, or is there something else done to the card? And I say that I am a grown man, you are the one name calling and throwing insults. And I am suppose to them without coming back at you. NOT IN MY WORLD… Be bless…..

  4. I watched the program and have read all the related banter on this card. I just have one comment/question–since No BASEBALL CARD HAS ANY INTRINSIC VALUE WHATSOEVER–Only with demand is any value placed on cardboard–Opinions are afforded to everyone–If no one is willing to accept the Edwards Wagner as authentic—then
    the attempt to justify after so many failed attempts is futile and the card will never be authenticated OR SOLD–Mr. Edwards you are persistent–

    One question Sir–How has it as you stated been collecting for 30 years but have never made it to a card show—Must be very tough to fill any gaps in what you may have.

    Hope you find the answer

    • I got started collecting baseball card by my uncles who collected baseball cards in the 70’s. I would like most kids back then, early 80’s, purchase baseball in a pack. Keep the cards and chew the gum. I never heard or knew of any card shows up until I started researching my Wagner card and heard of shows around the country. Not all collectors go to cards shows. I still collect cards be it football, baseball, basketball, etc.. and other collectibles and have a big collection. I guess you would call me a private collector. I hope I answer your question. Take care….

  5. Ray Edwards, please stop trying to scam the public on your fake T206 Honus Wagner. No one is going to buy the card so please stop asking for people to buy it. Put it in your collection so you can keep it there and scam your friends who are gullible enough to believe you own a real Wagner.


    Superstar Management Group

    • Barry you call my Wagner a fake. Base on what facts. What reprint, then what company reprinted my Wagner. Second you might say sandwich. Then why would a person use a poor register front to sandwich to a real back. Don’t make sense. Now what do make sense is that for over 11 years I have brought to the world all the forensic proof that my card is over 90 years old. According to the paper fiber expert test. Also you call me a scammer. Very hard words Barry. I ask you WHO have I scam with forensic science. NO ONE!! I have put more time in my card and have became an expert and done the authenticating on my card by the book and you reward me by calling me a scammer, not nice Barry. Now Barry who you should be calling a scammer is Bill Mastro and company. Direct you energy in the right place, check out Mastro and PSA record on doing it by the book and how the PSA-8 Wagner came about. Read the book “The Card” Now Barry if you want to see all the test work done on my card, visit and lets talk about that. It’s father day and I am a father so I’m not going let you put a dark cloud over my day and if you are a father, happy father’s day. Come back with batter words then calling me a scammer. Take care. Peace……

  6. Ray,

    There are only 4 legitimate grading companies out there and considered in the hobby in USA and two in Canada. If PSA, GAI, SGC or BGS authenticate our card I’ll buy it cash but since I know they never will authenticate it please stop peddling this counterfeit. Mike Baker has examined my T206 Honus Wagner which, is not known to exist. He says the back is real but front may be questionable as did BGS. CSA and KSA are the only two legit companies in Canada. After your card went through a CT Scanner I did the same with mine and mine is all one piece of cardboard. The only real legit grading company in Canada says my card is real as they examined it. I chose to get an opinion letter/ LOI and not to have it slabbed as its never going to be for sale. I was already offered $5 Million and turned it down. Go f yourself Ray. See a real wagner here

    • Barry very bad word “Go f yourself Ray”. Now I will be the adult here. Barry you I preaching to the choir here. I have been doing this for over 10 years and I have spoking to people in the hobby personally about my card, that you would only dream about speaking to. Now Barry keep in mind that this story is my story to tell. About the CT scan on the show. Don’t forget my story to tell and if you watch the show the CT scan didn’t reveal anything about my card being sandwich. Now Joe Orlando stated in the ESPN-OTL article and on a phone conversation with me back in 2007, that the back of my card is real and the front is fake. Now I know this not to be true. So if 50% of my card is real they say, then if I prove, that my card isn’t sandwich, which I can and will. Then what would you, Joe and others in the hobby would say then. This is the end game. I will show the world that my card isn’t sandwich and that I am a expert that did it by the book. Can’t say that about PSA-8 Wagner. Who was the third party expert that examine that card? I smell something fishy.. Also Barry don’t you think that if I was running a scam that the law would have stop me by now. Barry maybe one day I will write a book and tell my story on my cards journey and all the BS I had and still putting up with. No one, that includes you Barry can stand up against me and my card with some facts on who made it and were it came from. Now I can tell you with science that my card DNA is under 1921. go to my website and learn a little something, something: . I got research for days Barry. You should thank me for this. No one in the grading industry was doing this kind of research and forensic examination until I step on the scene. I should have patent my stuff. Maybe I state my own grading company Barry, what you think. Now feel free to look over my website information,which is only a drop in the bucket of the information I have. And don’t believe all what you see on the reality TV show, you should know batter Barry, Hollywood. Also on that show Barry did you see and hear the host of the show, examine my card under black light, front and back of my card and said that my card was old then 60 years old. You must have taking a bath room break when this information was told on the show. My card pass with a A++++. Now Barry do some research or check out my site and the fiber test on my card by the world top fiber expert and you would see that my card pass this test back them. I also did this test on my card. Now by pass this black light test Barry, puts my card under 1950. Barry there wasn’t any reprint of the Wagner T206 until 1977 dover reprint. Which I also have Barry. Don’t you see Barry I keep winning and will win this battle with science. Now Barry go love yourself. Peace……

      • I spoke to Martin at ACA Grading and he said that your card was forced to be taken out of the ACA Grading holder as it was determined to be a fake finally. So quit scamming people ok Ray Edwards. My wagner was certified by CSA of Canada with an LOI and an email from Mike Baker at GAI saying it’s real.

      • All I can say Barry is go to my website and review all the expert reports on my card. No other card in the history of card collecting has went under this much science to prove its authenticity. Barry I am also a expert on authenticating cards and have shown the hobby world how to authenticate a card the right way. Because grading is visional and authenticating a card, is digging into the DNA of a card. That’s what I had done to my card, forensic science. Barry you are entitle to your opinion on my card and I must say thats what it is an opinion. But if you would like to know the facts about my card forensic work, etc.. Barry, please visit my website at: . Have a bless day Barry…..

    • Barry GAI is not a legitimate grading company. Anything in a GAI/Global Authority slab is worth less than a raw card. Mike Baker LOL I would guess your Wagner is as real as the one you are complaining about.

      • Ben,

        I suggest you understand that my Wagner has been in my family possession since 1925 and two GAI is a legitimate grading company as Mike Baker co-founded PSA so if you say GAI is not legit then PSA must not be legit LOL. Also, after reviewing my card in person both former graders at PSA, BGS and GAI say my Wagner is real as well as the people at Canadian Sports Authenticator in there CEO Josh Thomson.

      • Also, in case you don’t know who I am Ben google me: Barry Mezey and you’ll come up with 3 different search options. I don’t publicize most of my clients but I manage the elite 1% of the NFL, NBA and MLB for sports marketing rights in over 600 of the world’s top athlete’s and properties and our company CSD Sports introduced the conception of game used and autographed sports cards to the industry in 1996-97.


        Watch the video Beth. The sports card grading industry is full of executives that commit fraud. Even PSA, JSA, BGS, SGC make tons of mistakes on authenticating trimmed cards or fake autographs. Canadian Sports Authenticator and KSA are considered the PSA or SGC’s of Canada. Josh Thompson CEO of CSA in canada gave me an opinion letter stating my Wagner is real. I also, know its genuine because my grandfather picked it out of a tobacco barrel in 1926 -27 when he’d go to NYC tobacco shops with his father. My Wagner is Shellacked though and has all sorts of print errors. My Wagner is the only the 7th one knows to exist from Factory 30 NY. If you google Bill Mastro he admitted he altered the PSA 8 Wagner. Even Mike Baker said he would not give his approval on the PSA 8 grade for that Wagner when he was at PSA. CSA graders consist of former graders at PSA, GAI, SGC and BGS. the 4 big boys!!! so to say my wagner is not legit is BS. However the Edwards/ Cobb wagner is a fake.

      • Barry I tell you what. Since you can’t keep my name out of your mouth. You fucking prove my card is a fake. I have proving with science and experts batter then PSA,SGC,JSA,ETC..Only thing these company give you is a latter of their opinion on a (LOA) that the card is authentic. No forensic work or no outside third party experts. Just the boys club. I am an expert and my research on my card speaks for itself. I have put this question to the industry for years ( 12 yrs and counting), if my card is a reprint, what company reprinted it and if its a counterfeit, the mistake want be so noticeable on my card (Error mistake). Get your hand out of the industry ass Barry. You call my card a fake, prove IT, with FACTS and stop hating on me for doing things by the book (authenticating my card). You should be thanking me for bringing this form of authenticating to the industry, but instead you come on this broad call my card a fake and throwing insults. For years that all you guys can do is throw insults and say my card is a fake with NO proof. Barry I tell you what, I throw this out to you like I did back in 2007 to Joe Orlando and he didn’t won’t to come on TV and meet me FACE TO FACE to prove that my card is fake. Now Barry you this high power sports agent, lets dance me and you, TV live. You prove that my card is a fake on TV live with facts, not that BS that it don’t look like other T206’s. I know that and said that back in 2006. Remember I’m an expert on this subject Barry. You champion a corrupt industry, but shit on change. Get the F%ck out of here. Now Barry I hope you or someone else take me up on my offer ( TV live ). My card is a fake, you are funny Barry, LOL. Barry like they say SHOW TIME. Call PSA, SGC, ETC.. if you need some help. But I warn you that for 12 yrs, they came with nothing but opinion about my card being fake. O Barry check this out, I forgot. Joe Orlando and others have been saying for years that my card is sandwich ( fake front and real back ). Now I knew this not to be true, I had a printing expert, myself, document expert and others confirm that it wasn’t. Now Barry for the first time in 12 yrs you and others can see for yourself that my card isn’t sandwich by going to my website and seeing the side of my card at 1200dpi. Now what else would you guys say about my card, that it came from big foot. Barry I bring the noise, and can you. I hope you are someone in the card industry take me up on my offer…..

      • Barry that’s back in 2002 not 2006……

      • Ben,

        See below on my Wagner from PSA. The card is about to make history as its being authenticated right now by PSA and its an Ex-Mt raw card so will come back between VG-EX/ Ex-Mt in a PSA holder.

        Hello Barry,

        I sent the images directly to the research department to see if it was a variation that we acknowledge and grade. Based on the information that they found, it looks like we can grade it.

        Veronica Lopez
        PSA Customer Service
        Collectors Universe Inc.

      • Barry why you at PSA having your Wagner graded. Ask Joe Orlando why his company (PSA) didn’t want to put to rest the controversy surronding my Wagner card (Cobb/Edwards t206 Wagner) at the 2014 National convention in Cleveland,Ohio back in August. I had my Wagner card and research and went to all the top 3 grading house ( PSA, SGC and Beckett ). I even had a 15-20 min., conversation with Joe Orlando on the floor of the convention for all to see. I ask Joe Orlando if his company would like to examine my card to see if my card is sandwich. This sandwich BS is what Joe Orlando and others like yourself Barry has said for years about my card. With no proof. I have all the proof in the world to prove its not sandwich Barry. Back on Joe Orlando (psa). So Joe Orlando decline and the others two grading company (SGC, BECKETT) did all so. Now Barry the way I see it and know it. These grading houses have seen my research and facts surrounding my card (TV, newspaper, internet, website, etc..) over the past 12 yrs., and they don’t have any experts in their companies to challenge my experts (forensic testing expert (2), printing expert-50yrs, ACA grading,appraiser expert-60yrs,Sandwich test, and myself-12+yrs of research). They the grading houses could have looked at my card and wrote it off as a fake if they wanted to. I gave them that chance. But they choice not to. So I say to all doubters on my Wagner card to put up ( proof ) that my wagner card is a fake or shut up and mind you business. I have for over 12yrs put up nothing but facts on the authenticity on my Wagner card (Cobb/Edwards Wagner card). So Barry ask Joe Orlando why he wouldn’t look at my card. Isn’t his company (PSA) the expert on the T206 Wagner card, so I throught. Your card or any of the Wagner cards graded buy the top 3 grading house come up short with true authenticity paper work unlike my card I have all the paper work and research one would need to call it authentic. Now go tell that Barry. Good day………..

  7. I have one of those cards I don’t even know if its real I went threw my grandpa stuff and found that card perfect condition

  8. Yooooooo! Dropping $1800 like it ain’t no thang. For a piece of card board?!?!? And you never paid no mind. It must be an everyday thang for yo azz. Cause you be buying up random shit at estate sales all the time. Man you be rolling dawg. And lucky you watching Copperfield and finding out that piece of card board is worth something. Makes it easier to live life after dropping that $1800 like it no thang. Tell you what, I will buy yo card for $5. Hmu with that sale homie!

    • You forgot something. The card is REAL. The experts that examine my card say its legit. The forensic science done on my card say its legit. Also I never paid $1800.00 for my card, my cousin did. And he didn’t buy it at a estate sale. Get your facts straight. Also I see by the lingo in your writing, you have a problem with me being black. I going to say this ONCE. I am a grown ass man and I don’t play games. So if you want to talk about my baseball card that I co-own with my cousin . We can talk. But keep that BS to yourself.
      Now run along and do some research on my card and my story before you spread false information to the world. Let me give you a hand, visit . Don’t forget to steady and read everything. Have a good day FiveDollaHolla, what a name, LOL

  9. Ray only the back of your card was fiber tested for pre-1920 paper. Also, the CT scan on CNBC revealed it was two pieces of cardboard glued together.

    • Berry you are a funny guy. Now what you are telling me, that my card back was only tested by Walter at IPS. I and my cousin John was not in the room to over see the test and give Walter the Okay (twice) to slice from front to back, not the back, front to back upper right and left corner of my card (please visit: http://www.honuswagnerauction) to review the image of the corners of my card. I and my cousin John was there not you BARRY to witness this examination taking place (6 hrs). I tell you what BARRY call Walter at IPS and let him tell you what went down. You need the #, I help you with that ( Walter J. Rantanen, Group Leader fiber Science-(920)749-3040 ext:127), now BARRY be warn that Walter is the best in the country and maybe the world at what he do. I know you are afraid of the facts and by calling Walter thats what you will get. Now for CNBC ct scan. On the show BARRY my card was in a case when it was ct scan and the host Curtis Dowling and his team couldn’t determine if the card was sandwich together because of the case the card was in (WATCH THE SHOW AGING BARRY AND THIS TIME PAY ATTENTION!!!!) .Now BARRY if you want to see the side of my card at 1200dpi to see if its sandwich go to and you can see for yourself that my card is one stock paper from the paper mill (which I have said for years,O-boy broken record). Go see for yourself and stop spreading false hood about my card. BARRY its like this. For 12+ years I have been transparent with all I have done to prove my card authenticity. You tell me what card or item in the sports memorabilia hobby has gone thru this much testing (6 experts) including yours truly ME, none. BARRY are you mad that I did it by the book in a corrupt industry like the sports memorabilia industry, ask Bill Mestro and others. BARRY you have a 1909 T206 I believe right. BARRY do you need for me to access you and getting your card authenticated the right way. I’m the man when it come to this kind of work. I brought it to the card industry. So BARRY we been going around and around about you saying my card is fake. Now once in for all BARRY put up with facts are shut the hell up. And BARRY once you find out by Walter at IPS, you know the fiber expert that my card was slice from the front of my card to the back. Which make the card fibers one and the same. Can you send me over your Honus Wagner card, batter yet a apology would do since I have the one and only Cobb/Edwards 1909 Honus Wagner T209 card. Now go run and tell that………

  10. [1] $1800 in 1983-84 dollars in about $3600. So your cousin made this purchase on the basis of the tobacco logo on the back?

    [2] CTscan issue with case. Why wouldn’t you remove the card from its case to get optimal results from the CTscan?

    [3] Was this card purchased at an estate sale or a garage sale? I’ve seen both being reported in articles and news clips.

    [4] Chain-of-custody. Why haven’t you located the person who originally sold it to you? For the potential $ it would seem possible.

    • I tell you like this. You put a lot of time in trying to at me and cousin character. And I know why. We are two black man with a 1909 T206 Honus Wagner card. That own free and clear by us. Yes I said race and the reason being that you and others for over 12 years come up with all this BS about this and that on my card and us and don’t have a bit of facts to back it up. You guys haven’t put this much time in the other Wagner card owners and cards. My card has under gone ten time the forensic and expert testing then any card in history. And you come with this staff on me and my card. Prove my card is a fake you and others. You can’t can you. Bill Mastro had all of you fooled about the Gretzky card. I don’t see you all coming down on him and PSA. Now I will put the challenge the top three grading house to come on network TV. Meet me face to face. And prove my card to be a fake with facts no opinions. And if they can then they or I will destroy my card on network TV. Now go tell and post that. Now ain’t the top three grading house (PSA, SGC, Beckett) suppose to be the experts. Then go tell them lets do this. I ask them all for years to meet with me but they decline. Maybe you have some luck. But also tell if I can prove that my cardIis real and not sandwich. The I get my just do. Tell them lets dance….

  11. From the ACA population report.

    Serial Number :
    Year :
    Brand :
    Set :

    Card number :
    Name :
    Honus Wagner
    Limited :
    Trading card removed from the database after review. The latest analysis shows that the cyan ink used to print the card dates from the 30s
    Grade :
    Term :

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