Upper Deck’s MLBPA Agreement Will Bring Collectors Retro Baseball

Upper Deck has seen great success with their Fleer Retro brand.  Reviving all those popular inserts from the 90’s really hit the nail on the head to what collectors were looking for.  During the 90’s, basketball more than any other sport was the main focus to some of the most sought after inserts that continue to hold their stance today.  It is no surprise that when these inserts/parallels were brought back with 11/12 Fleer Retro Basketball collectors weren’t afraid to spend thousands of dollars on a low numbered non-autographed card.  Having Michael Jordan on their side to help drive up prices doesn’t hurt either.

I wasn’t sure how collectors would react to Fleer Retro crossing over into football.  Yes, football collectors had many popular inserts/parallels to look for throughout the 90’s too, but it wasn’t anything like basketball.  Football fans have been eating up ‘12 Fleer Retro like it was meatloaf.  Granted the prices aren’t quite as extravagant when compared to it’s basketball counterpart, but they’re performing well.  American football doesn’t have the international appeal like basketball does.  I would imagine that when Fleer Retro Hockey is released, it will perform somewhere in between the two.

During the Industry Summit it was announced that Upper Deck and the MLBPA had come to an agreement that would allow Upper Deck to produce baseball cards once again.  Upper Deck had been out of the baseball card business since that fiasco back in 2010.  Although last summer they did make 2012 SP Signature Edition Baseball which didn’t feature any player pictures at all, only sticker autographs.  In my opinion that was the worst product Upper Deck has ever made.  Given their great history of making some of the nicest cards in the hobby, that should have been an embarrassment.  2011 SP Legendary Cuts wasn’t that bad, but these cut signature and sticker autograph only products really limit Upper Deck’s true ability.

I couldn’t have been happier after hearing that Upper Deck is going to start making normal looking baseball cards again.  They might be spreading the Fleer Retro brand a little thin though while extending it to baseball.  Fleer Retro basketball and football utilize college logos, and hockey will use NHL logos.  When it comes to baseball we might be seeing more airbrushed out logos as we do with Panini baseball products.  Not unless the player is in their college uniform, but baseball players are the least associated to college sports when you think about them.  Unlike football and basketball.  I personally am not a fan of high-end products that do not contain team logos.  But given the fact that Upper Deck is approaching this product at a unique angle by including rare inserts based on the ones from the 90’s just might work.  With Upper Deck’s ability to make even non-college collectors purchase their Fleer Retro basketball and football brands just shows you how good of a product they can actually make.  Perhaps with Fleer Retro Baseball they might turnaround some non-MLB logo licensed fans.

 photo thomasret_zps908d3951.jpg

 photo harperret_zps5d297f7b.jpg

 photo gloveret_zps774d75c9.jpg

 photo troutret_zps70bb9a5e.jpg

2 Responses

  1. Would be cool if they had the logos.

  2. This is a product that is “Retro” in name only. Oh sure, they’re using the designs, but the structure is of a 21st Century hit-laden product.

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