2013 Press Pass Gameday Gallery Preview

 photo 2013-press-pass-football-gameday-gallery-901_zpse9ad2c5f.jpg

Slated for a June 19th release Press Pass proudly announces the newest member of its football family – Gameday Gallery.  This product will feature (4) autographs per box all serial numbered to 199 or less.  As you can see, these cards will have an artistic look to them.  For a product that doesn’t contain any logos I actually think they look pretty good.  I like the way cards look when the manufacturer uses the filters on their photography software to make the cards look as if they’ve been painted.  This just might be one of Press Pass’s nicer looking football sets.  At least it looks different compared to some of their other football products.  Gameday Gallery almost have an Inception or Valor look.

 photo 2013-press-pass-football-gameday-gallery-908_zps8aa4806c.jpg

 photo 2013-press-pass-football-gameday-gallery-907_zps2f032304.jpg

 photo 2013-press-pass-football-gameday-gallery-906_zpscb10763b.jpg

 photo 2013-press-pass-football-gameday-gallery-905_zps654c2102.jpg

 photo 2013-press-pass-football-gameday-gallery-904_zps973b0770.jpg

 photo 2013-press-pass-football-gameday-gallery-903_zps6bc6b2bc.jpg

 photo 2013-press-pass-football-gameday-gallery-902_zpsa2206c6f.jpg

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