Collectors Get Their First Look At 2012 UD Exquisite Football

Exquisite Football hasn’t been the same since Upper Deck lost it’s NFL license, but they have made some excellent looking cards using their CLC license.  In fact, many NFL collectors that never touched NCAA products before have started to pay attention to the stuff Upper Deck has been releasing because its just so damn good looking.  The only downside are the screen-printed jerseys that at times look quite cheap and are only event-used. In addition to that, Andrew Luck probably isn’t included because of the Press Pass exclusive.  So it wouldn’t surprise me if you see some mystery redemptions put it in that eventually will be for Luck autographs.

New for this year are the Exquisite DimensionsExquisite Sixteen, and Exquisite Art.  I’m really interested to see what the Exquisite Art cards look like.  Upper Deck is always innovating and trying new things.  In the past Upper Deck has included not only rookies from the previous season, but also cards of upcoming draft picks for that current year.  Exquisite has recently been acting like a hybrid product.  I hope that returns as it hits two birds with one stone.  Although it can be confusing for some collectors.

No, Exquisite isn’t what it use to be when it was filled with NFL logos, but collectors still want it.

 photo 485589_10151410298693951_1464099953_n_zps1d6cab51.jpg

 photo 480097_10151410298673951_849813424_n_zps0faa23c9.jpg

 photo 63138_10151410298713951_2093046384_n_zps698c05c9.jpg

 photo 58087_10151410298618951_352339127_n_zps1eaffc6d.jpg

 photo 537970_10151410298603951_1777127908_n_zpsfcb857a8.jpg

 photo 934024_10151410298598951_305255855_n_zpsdd4105e3.jpg

 photo 936637_10151410298648951_329199572_n_zps758ad31b.jpg

 photo 164209_10151410298503951_428182207_n_zpsbe973397.jpg

 photo 301984_10151410298498951_457523097_n_zpsb6393e02.jpg

 photo 386880_10151410298563951_1312672130_n_zpsd5740197.jpg

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