Flashback Product of the Week: 2000 Fleer Adrenaline

 photo 2000fleeradren_zps7c77c3d1.jpg

I can think of at least two other products that came before 2000 Fleer Adrenaline which contained extreme athletes – 1992 Beach Sports and 1994 Generation Extreme.  Apparently Fleer didn’t do their research before printing up the boxes.  Lets face it, products solely based on extreme sports don’t do well.  They just don’t have the fan base to support the product.  These athletes fit better when thrown into products like Allen & Ginter, Goodwin Championsor Golden Age.

The 2000 Fleer Adrenaline base set consists of 100 cards covering a wide array of extreme sports such as BMX biking, wakeboarding, in-line skating, and the street luge.  The only real advantage this has over previous extreme sports products is that there are randomly inserted event-used memorabilia and autographed cards.  Its a small advantage though considering barely any of the relics and autographs are actually worth a dime.  You can easily say 2000 Fleer Adrenaline was a major flop.  You can’t give the cards away and boxes sell for under $10.00.  If your crazy enough to bust a box, the guy you’d want to be looking for is BMX biker Jamie Bestwick.

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  1. Rob Dyrdek is the best card in this set and copies sell upwards of $100+.

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