Flashback Product of the Week: 1998 Topps Super Chrome Baseball

 photo 98stcbb_zpsf5df6562.jpg

This is America and we like everything to be bigger.  We want our meals super-sized so why wouldn’t we want the same for our cards?  This is the logic that Topps used when they came up with the idea for 1998 Topps Super Chrome Baseball.  These 4 x 6 monsters aren’t box toppers.  Every card in this 36-card set is that size.  Boxes contain twelve packs with one refractor inside each box.  The base cards don’t hold much value today, but depending on the player refractors still have a premium.  It is a very dull product since there are no rookies or inserts.  Just base cards and refractors.  Topps brought Super Chrome back in 1999 for one more go around, but it disappeared after that.  Boxes are steadily available for under $40.00.

The Topps Chrome brand has never impressed me when it came to baseball, specifically today.  In today’s hobby we have so many “Chrome” based baseball products.  Before that whole rookie card fiasco broke out years ago, Topps Chrome meant much more to baseball collectors.  I know for a fact that if a prospecting collector had a choice between a “First Year” Bowman Chrome or a Topps Chrome “RC” of the same player, they would go for the Bowman Chrome “First Year”.  Topps Chrome is much more relevant when it comes to football.  Football doesn’t have “First Year” cards or that funky 40-man roster rule.  If you’re a football player, and its your first year in the NFL you simply get a rookie card.  Its as simple as that.

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