Sportkings Series F Preview

Dr. Brian Price announced that In The Game has acquired Sport Kings LP.  Both companies are owned by Dr. Price, but combining them into one will make sales, marketing, and product information much easier to control rather than having two separate entities.

In addition to the merger, Dr. Price went on to give collectors a preview of Sportkings Series F which will be released during the National this year.  ITG’s Jared Kelly is back with his classic art cards that were introduced in Series E.  Sportkings Series F will contain new Memorable Moments art cards.  Each Memorable Moments art card is a 1/1 and after placing them together you’ll get to see the entire picture.  There is a total of 20 different Memorable Moments art card puzzles that you can put together.  Each one depicts an historical moment in sports history.

Some of the Memorable Moments art card puzzles include:

  • Ali vs. Liston
  • Gehrig’s farewell speech
  • Joe Namath from Super Bowl III
  • Tiger Woods wins his first Masters Tournament
  • Brandi Chastain 1999 Women’s World Cup
  • Vince Lombardi carried off the field
  • Orr’s Flying Goal

 photo bottom-left1_zpsf2302a86.jpg

 photo xx-bottom-left-chastain1_zps121a8590.jpg

 photo xx-top-left-chastain1_zpsa408bea3.jpg

 photo xx-top-right-chastain1_zps13a45d15.jpg

 photo xx-chastain1_zps57a0237e.jpeg

The Body Of Work cards are new for Series F.  These feature a jumbo piece of memorabilia along with a sketch.  There are 60 different athletes in the Body Of Work set, and each athlete has 9 unique cards.  I think these look good, but the relic takes up a lot of room leaving a smaller area for the artwork.  I wonder if they thought of making these into booklets.  A booklet format would allow for a large piece of memorabilia and a bigger sketch.

 photo bird2_zps4d0f7d8f.jpg

 photo bryant3_zpsc8f27681.jpg

 photo jeter4_zpsbaf7e22e.jpg

 photo marino_zpsa3f58d45.jpg

New people added to the Sportkings Series F family include Shaquille O’Neal, Bill Parcells, Tito Ortiz, Scottie Pippen, Fernando Valenzuela, Kerri Strugg, and Frank Gifford.  Collectors should keep their box tops because they will qualify for a Box Top Redemption Program.  News on that coming later.

Dr. Price hasn’t announced yet what type of redemption programs they will have in Chicago for the National this year.  In my opinion, the program they had last year was one of the best.  Each box of Sportkings Series E opened at their booth got you a relic card #’ed/10 or 1.  I thought that was a good deal.

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  1. What is the total checklist for the body of work memorabilia and art cards from sportkings series f. Thanks in advance, mike

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