Flashback Product of the Week: 1983 Topps Baseball Foldouts

 photo 83foldouts_zps35ad8d5f.jpg

This little experiment Topps tried looked like something you would make in elementary school.  Inside each pack of 1983 Topps Baseball Foldouts you will find one set of 17 full color photos that are all connected together.  In all, there are only five sets to collect.  There are a total of 85 pictures that make up the entire set when you place all the foldouts together.  Each set has a theme – batting leaders, home run leaders, stolen base leaders, pitching leaders, and relief aces.  With the lack of any real chase cards, inserts, or rookies, it shouldn’t be a surprise that this product totally bombed.  Sure there are 85 cards in the set, but you only need five foldouts to complete it.  It really wasn’t any type of a challenge especially when the packs are see through and the label on top tells you what is inside.  Having 20 packs in a box could easily yield 4 complete sets.  Trying to figure out a proper and safe way to display them was a major problem too.  You’ll usually find them intact, but some collectors cut them apart.  Boxes can easily be found for under $15.00.

 photo 83foldle_zpsc31a345e.jpg

Limited Edition my ass!  They made a box for everyone on the planet plus all their future grandchildren.

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