Flashback Product of the Week: 1993 Topps Stadium Club Murphy

 photo 9293tscm_zps33a18358.jpg

I’m sure a lot of Jeter collectors know what this is.  The 1993 Topps Stadium Club Murphy set consists of 200 cards, and was only available in a hobby version.  There are no packs here as the entire set comes packaged in a plastic box that is made to look like Jack Murphy Stadium which is where the 1992 All-Star Game was held.  Also packed with the set were 12 jumbo “Master Photo” cards.  The set is broken down into 100 Draft Picks, 56 All-Stars, all 25 members of the 1992 USA Baseball team, and 19 post-season highlight cards.

Here comes the confusing part, the year.  Despite the set having the 1992 Stadium Club design and the year 1992 printed all over the box, its actually a 1993 product.  These Murphy sets were released about a month after 1993 Stadium Club Series One.  Topps printed about 128,000 copies of the Murphy set.  Out of the 200 cards, #117 is probably the most popular.  This would be the Derek Jeter rookie.  Examples of this card that are in really good condition can be worth well into the hundreds.  Sealed boxes like you see pictured above currently sell for $150.00.

Some collectors think its a good idea to buy sealed sets with the pure intention of opening them to find a perfect Jeter.  This is not always going to be the case.  Those cards have been sealed together for the last twenty years, and with all that gloss there is a good chance they’ll stick together causing damage.

 photo jter93tsbm_zps3fe90941.jpg

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