Upper Deck Unveils Their VIP Set For The 34th National

Here we go!  Today Upper Deck unveiled the 6-card set that VIPs will find in their packages while attending the 34th National Sports Collectors Convention.  I don’t know what it is about these cards, but they make me crave Hi-C juice that comes in those little boxes.  Maybe its those green backgrounds.

I would like to see Upper Deck make specially colored Precious Metal Gems parallels and/or a National exclusive Animal Kingdom patch to give away during their redemption programs this year.  Promos that can be integrated into an already existing product are the most desired.

 photo ftnsccvip_zps494539aa.jpg

 photo mjnsccvip_zpsd7eff746.jpg

 photo tudnsccvip_zpsbcac60c4.jpg

 photo gretvipnsccud_zpse64bc6c9.jpg

 photo udnsccvip_zps7de5bfaa.jpg

 photo ljnsccvip_zps1b14c803.jpg

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