Panini Gives Collectors First Look At Their 2013 National Set

The National is all about promos, and if there is one company that knows how to properly give stuff away its Panini.  Their booth has a constant flow of collectors running through it when the wrapper redemption programs are going on.  Last year people were lining up two hours ahead of the scheduled start time just so they could get their hands on some of these promo packs.  This is where your social skills come in handy because you’ll be standing in line for awhile.  There is a good chance you’re going to get to know the other people around you.

This afternoon Panini gave us our first look at the base set and inserts that fill this year’s promotion.  As it has been for many other years, you’ll need to open specific packs and/or boxes at the Panini booth in order to obtain your promo packs.  This is just the beginning.  Panini will have plenty of autographs, relics, player sketch cards, and full-sized pieces of memorabilia to give away.  At least Panini gives people time to get into the show, buy their boxes, and scope out the line.  Panini’s programs usually start around lunch which gives you plenty of time to get ready.  Topps on the other hand is a mad dash through the front door as soon as the show opens.  This is how it was last year.

 photo panini-america-2013-national-team-colors-3_zps9db0ecaa.jpg

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