Sports Card Album Launch Contest! – NOW CLOSED

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Sports Card Album has officially launched and collectors from all over the world are uploading their collections to the site.  Now collectors have a site specifically designed by them and for them to meet all of their collecting needs.  The best thing about it… you can use it directly from your smartphone and other mobile devices.  I’m already using it.  This morning I uploaded my entire Harry Kalas collection for the world to see.  Be sure to follow Sports Card Info on Sports Card Album too.  I love the idea of being able to follow other collectors and see what they add.  Collectors have been wondering what the future of this great hobby will be, and I believe Sports Card Album is going to play a major part in it.

Sports Card Info was chosen as an official blogging partner for this launch.  That comes with some great perks, meaning I get to give stuff away.  Sergio from Sports Card Album sent over a package with all kinds of stuff in it.

This contest will be for the sealed Sports Card Album envelope you see pictured below.  I have no clue what is inside.  All I know is that its heavy with cards.

In order to be eligible for this contest, all you need to do is comment on this post, and follow Sports Card Info @sportscardinfo and Sports Card Album @sportscardalbum on Twitter.  You can enter once per day.  Just come back to this post and comment for your multiple entries.  This contest will end on Tuesday, July 16, 2013 at 8:00 p.m.  Good luck!!!

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67 Responses

  1. Awesome contest, sports card album is the best already for sure

  2. I’m in for Saturday!

  3. I have been following both for a long time now,

    Great contest! I like mystery prizes and really intrigued by what might be inside 🙂

    Thanks for the chance!

  4. sports card album looks great.

  5. can’t wait to open . what could be inside? thanks sport card album and thanks for the great contest..

  6. Great contest! liking sport card album already.

  7. this looks fun.. would love to win it. thanks to sports card album and thanks for the contest.

  8. Very nice, thanks to both of you for the contest! 🙂 @Ky_Guy9

  9. Count me in for Saturday. Big fan of both of u

  10. Thanks for the information on Sports Card Album and the content! Great stuff!

  11. In for this contest! (Saturday entry) I wonder what is inside!

  12. Cool thanks for the contest.

  13. Cool contest, I like how it is a little different than the normal contests. In for Saturday

  14. Win

  15. My entry. Cant wait to see whats inside. Hope its something good!

  16. Mystery Prize!

  17. Second entry for the contest. Thank you.

  18. Day #2. Would love to win this and really like SCA.

    Twitter is @sportcardcollec by the way 🙂

    Thanks again for a chance at this!

  19. Today thanks 🙂

  20. awesome! I love surprises.

  21. looks great would love to win.

  22. fun, fun, fun,

  23. would love it.

  24. Sunday entry, really hope I win this!!!

  25. Followed, I’m in

  26. i am following both, great contest! I wonder whats inside! in for Sunday

  27. Sundays entry.

  28. Peek-a-boo, I win you!

  29. In for Sunday, thank you!!

  30. In for Sunday. Thanks for the great contest!

  31. In for Monday. One more day to go.

  32. Monday entry

  33. Mondays entry.

  34. Monday entry. Awesome contest.

  35. Man…would love to see me as the winner!

    Thanks to both of you for a chance to win! Great blog as well!


  37. Great contest

  38. mon

  39. Monday thanks!!

  40. Awesome stuff! Thanks!

  41. great stuff

  42. awesome!

  43. Monday entry, Thanks

  44. lets do it!

  45. would love to win that treasure chest.

  46. random winner

  47. In for Monday, thanks Sports Card Info

  48. 1st

  49. Tuesday Launch!

  50. In for the last day. Good luck everyone.

  51. Great product in SCA, fun blog in SCI. Great combo. Like PB and J.

    Thanks for the chance at this. Fingers crossed to be the winner! Thanks again!

  52. In for Tuesday.

  53. In for Tuesday

  54. Tuesday entry, Thanks

  55. wow!

  56. Tuesday

  57. think of what could be in there.

  58. cool.

  59. tuesday

  60. Tuesdays entry. Good Luck to everyone!

  61. In for Tuesday, Thank You!!!

  62. Tuesday entry, thank you

  63. Sweet Giveaway

  64. 2nd

  65. Wednesday entry

  66. In for Thursday

  67. thur

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