SCA Colts Auto/Patch Contest! – NOW CLOSED

 photo logo_white_zps38be8a22.jpg

This contest is for a Coby Fleener 2012 Limited Rookie Phenom Gold Auto Patch #’ed/25 courtesy of Sports Card Album.

In order to be eligible for this contest you must do the following:

  • Follow Sports Card Info @sportscardinfo on Twitter
  • Be a registered member on Sports Card Album
  • Leave a comment with your e-mail, Twitter and Sports Card Album user name to this post (you can enter once per day)

This contest will end Friday, July, 26, 2013 @ 8:00 p.m. EST.  Good luck!!!

 photo IMG_5128_zpscf5cea0a.jpg

82 Responses

  1. great card. enter me in the contest!

  2. Whoops, sorry! My twitter is @Ky_Guy9 and my SCA account’s email is the same as the one I’m entering with. 🙂

  3. Great looking patch card!

  4. Nice Card! In for Sunday. Thanks for the contest.

  5. Now we are talking!

  6. Sundays entry.

  7. Sorry! Thought u said email registered! My username is kyguy9. Also, 2nd entry! 🙂

  8. in

  9. Sundays

  10. Sundays

  11. Sundays

  12. Sunday entry

  13. thanks for the awesome contest! would love to win!

    twitter: vwong16
    sca: vwong16
    email: written on reply details

  14. Remember, one of the comments you leave has to contain your Twitter handle, SCA user name, and e-mail.

  15. In for Sunday
    Twitter Alpha_Sigma74
    SCA Alpha_Sigma74
    Email same as what I am replying to here

  16. Monday entry

  17. Monday entry.

  18. IN 4 MONDAY

  19. In for today! 🙂

  20. Monday… @ZacknPhilly (SCA same e-mail)

  21. Sweet card, count me in, please

  22. Mondays entry.

  23., rdcitrus, rdcitrus

  24., trdcitrus, trdcitrus

  25., jrcurtis, jrcurtis

  26. tonitayoung, tonitayoung

  27. Glad to find out I can still enter! 🙂 In for Monday, thanks!

  28. Had to create a Twitter account to enter! 🙂 That’s how good this contest is!

    Sports Card Album: bckwong
    Twitter: @bck_wong


  29. Email on form, twitter breaktime57, SCA breaktime57. Thanks, awesome card!

  30. Email
    Sports card album cardtimontays
    Twitter @lacarractur

    Thanks for the contest

  31. My Tuesday entry

  32. In for Tuesday.

  33. In 4 Tuesday

  34. 2sday.

  35. tuesday all day

  36. Im in for today

  37. In for Tuesday thanks!

  38. Tuesday thanks

  39. in

  40. in

  41. in today

  42. i’m in

  43. Im in!

  44. In

  45. I’m in! 🙂

  46. Here is Wednesday’s entry

  47. Wednesday entry.

  48. In 4 Wednesday

  49. In for wed 🙂

  50. In for Wednesday, thanks!

  51. Wednesday thanks

  52. im in ty

  53. Not missing today, in thanks

  54. Wednesday

  55. Wednesday

  56. Wednesday

  57. Wednesday

  58. In for Wed.

  59. Thursday entry

  60. In for Thursday. Thanks for the contest.

  61. In 4 Thursday

  62. Joe Z in for today

  63. Thursday

  64. Thursday

  65. Thursday

  66. Thursday

  67. In for thursday ty

  68. In for Thursday thanks!

  69. thursday

  70. thurs

  71. T.G.I. Fleener

  72. Friday

  73. In 4 Friday

  74. Friday

  75. Friday

  76. Friday

  77. Friday

  78. friday ty

  79. in for friday

  80. Friday thanks

  81. In for Friday thanks!

  82. Last entry thanks!

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