Topps To Issue Yasiel Puig Gypsy Queen Card During The National

 photo 1074179_10151743636349594_1453913451_o1_zpsa48c83e5.jpg

The 2013 National Sports Collectors Convention is only a few days away.  Details on a majority of the promotional programs put on by the manufacturers have been released and are ready to go.  Topps just unveiled one last little promotion I’m sure collectors won’t want to miss out on.

Collectors opening a box of 2013 Topps Tribute WBC Edition at the Topps booth will receive an exclusive Yasiel Puig Gypsy Queen rookie card.  There is a limit of one card per day per collector.  Topps will only give out 100 of these cards each day.  Now its off to the races to get in line.

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