“Pin-Up” of the Week: 1945 Chicago Cubs World Series Press Pin

 photo 1945cubspin_zps944bc48e.jpg

If there is any team in MLB that’s itching to win a World Series, it would have to be the Chicago Cubs.  The Cubs haven’t won a World Series since 1908, and the last time they even appeared in an October Classic was 1945.  This is just one of those freak things that makes baseball what it is.  This is the longest title drought in all of the four major American sports.  In fact, the last time the Cubs even won the World Series the NFL, NBA, and NHL didn’t exist.  I guess this is why we call them “The Lovable Losers”.  The Cubs lost to the Tigers in the 1945 World Series 4-3.  It would also be the origin of the Curse of the Billy Goat that many people believe is why the Cubs haven’t played in a World Series for the last 68 years.

Chicago Cubs World Series related items are in high demand simply because of the drought.  This pin was provided to members of the press that were covering the World Series in 1945.  Originals can fetch hundreds of dollars.  If you are in the market for one, be careful of reproductions.  These reproduction press pins aren’t worth nearly as much as the real thing.  They’re made to look as old, which could easily fool anyone.

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