“Pin-Up” of the Week: 2013 LLWS Sun-Gazette Eagle Pin

 photo IMG_2000a_zps17491378.jpg

If this pin looks familiar, its because I picked one up last week while attending the Little League World Series.  The Williamsport Sun-Gazette has been making pins for the Little League World Series for the last ten years.  According to all of their advertisements, the Sun-Gazette is suppose to have made eight different pins for this year.  So far, I’ve only seen four or five.  The 2013 LLWS Sun-Gazette Eagle pin is one of the more difficult pins to obtain.  There are only two ways to get it.  One of them is to purchase the entire 2013 8-pin Sun-Gazette set.  The other is to sign up for a Sun-Gazette loyalty card over at the Little League complex.  They say it isn’t available as a single pin purchase, but that’s exactly how I got mine.  Shortly after passing through security I saw the Sun-Gazette booth advertising this pin with the purchase of a loyalty card.  I didn’t want the loyalty card or any of the newspapers that came with it, but they said I could get the pin if I paid the $10.00.

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