Flashback Product of the Week: 1966 Topps Marvel Flyers

 photo marvelflyers_zps4a509cf4.jpg

Oh Topps!  Your blind packaged novelty products will never stop surprising me.  Marvel Flyers was a product released by Topps in 1966.  Inside each pack you’ll find one toy flyer that features the likeness of a Marvel character.  Just attach the wings and tale, and you’re ready to go.  The set consists of twelve toy flyers: Human Torch, Iron Man, Dare Devil, The Hulk, The Wasp, Captain America, The Thing, Sub Mariner, Thor, Spider-Man, The Angel, and Dr. Doom.  These may look like a joke, but don’t let that 10 cent price tag fool you.  An entire set with twelve pack wrappers recently sold for over $700.00.  Individual flyers can sell depending on the condition anywhere from $30.00 to $200.00.  It also helps if you have the pack wrapper too.  Not too bad for a dinky packaged toy.  I’m sure many parents, babysitters, brothers, sisters, and pets were annoyed by these flying pests.

Marvel products from the 60s sure aren’t the only thing collectors are spending their money on.  Upper Deck released a Marvel Edition of their popular Fleer Retro brand which has collectors spending hundreds if not thousands on rare Precious Metal Gems cards.

 photo camflyer_zpsea198510.jpg

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