2013 Panini NFL Player Of The Day Contest! – NOW CLOSED

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Welcome to the biggest contest giveaway in Sports Card Info’s 6+ year history.  This year Panini asked Sports Card Info to participate in their 2013 NFL Player of the Day promotion, and there was no way I was going to turn that down.  Panini sent over a ton of stuff to giveaway.  Please read carefully in order to be eligible to win this huge prize pack.

Contest Details

In order to be eligible, you must do the following:

  • Leave a comment to this post telling me what your favorite Panini football card brand is – National Treasures, Gridiron Gear, Signatures, etc…  You can identify a specific year if you want to.
  • You must be following Sports Card Info @sportscardinfo on Twitter.
  • You must provide a valid e-mail address while entering.
  • You can enter once per day, but your first entry must contain your favorite Panini football card brand, Twitter handle, name, and e-mail address.  Your entries after that can contain whatever you’d like.
  • A perfect first entry would look something like this – “Andrew Chrisman, National Treasures, @sportscardinfo, sciblog@outlook.com
  • U.S. residents only.
  • This contest will only have one winner, and that winner will be notified by  e-mail.
  • The winner will be selected at random.
  • The winner has one week to send me their contact information or the contest will be held again.
  • Once the contest is over, I will need the winner’s mailing address so I can ship them this prize pack for FREE!!!
  • This contest will end Halloween night, 10/31/13 at 8:00pm EST, and the winner will be announced 11/2/13.

This prize pack contains the following:

  • (2) Panini NFL Player of the Day T-shirts
  • (2) Panini America T-shirts
  • (1) Panini backpack
  • (1) Matt Ryan McFarlane Series 29 Figure
  • (1) Rob Gronkowski McFarlane Series 29 Figure
  • (1) Giovani Bernard 2013 Score Hot Rookies Panini Authentic Auto Photo
  • (1) Mark Sanchez Attack Plan Playbook Football
  • (1) 2013 Certified Football sealed Hobby Box
  • (1) 2013 Prominence Football sealed Hobby Box
  • (1) Jarvis Jones 2013 Panini NFL Player of the Day RC Auto card
  • (4) 2013 Panini Football Hall of Fame Sets
  • (1) 2013 Panini National Sports Collectors Convention VIP set
  • (4) packs of 2013 Score Football
  • (1) Panini USB Storage Device
  • (13) packs of 2013 Panini NFL Player of the Day promo packs

 photo IMG_5268a_zps60ecd7e8.jpg

 photo IMG_5265a_zpsfb863339.jpg

 photo IMG_5264a_zps6f282ca0.jpg

 photo IMG_5262a_zpsdd0880d2.jpg

 photo IMG_5263a_zps61164eb8.jpg

 photo IMG_5266a_zps46d7e571.jpg

349 Responses

  1. William Noetling
    Fave Brand: Score @wnoetling, wmnoe@yahoo.com

  2. Sean Sandberg, National Treasures, @ssandberg166, ssandberg166@hotmail.com

  3. Jamie Baldwin, Panini National Treasures, @Alpha_Sigma74, krystian55@msn.com

  4. “Joseph Zagrapan” Gridiron Gear, @JZagrapan ,

  5. Awesome contest!
    dawgpaws, Panini Signatures, @dawg_paws, dawgpaws@mac.com

  6. Kate Ham
    Favorite: Certified football!! Love the shine!

  7. curtis young III, National Treasures, @rdcitrus, rdcitrus@yahoo.com

  8. Teresa young, score. @trdcitrus, trdcitrus@yahoo.com

  9. deeann Maxwell, Gridiron Gear, @deeann Maxwell, redheadbitchishere@yahoo.com

  10. Curtis young jr, score, @CurtisyoungJr, jr.curtisyoung@yahoo.com

  11. tonita young, Panini National Treasures, @TonitaYoung, tonita.young@yahoo.com

  12. Ben Mayotte,Panini National Treasures,@w1r3nut273

  13. Zack Stair, @ZacknPhilly,roscfb@yahoo.com,National Treasures.

  14. Monday…
    dawgpaws, Panini Signatures, @dawg_paws, dawgpaws@mac.com

  15. Thank you for such an awesome opportunity!! I so appreciate it! You and Panini rock!

  16. Monday

  17. Sean Sandberg, Playbook, @ssandberg166, ssandberg166@hotmail.com

  18. wow, wow, wow

  19. awesome.

  20. monday

  21. i’m in

  22. In for Monday-2

  23. Samuel Breniman, Classics (RIP!), @samb82, penixmania@yahoo.com

  24. Derek Colter, Panini Prestige, @d_colt, d.colter86@gmail.com

  25. Good luck!!
    Alex Markle, Panini Signatures, @markle05, alexmarkle@hotmail.com

  26. Timothy Hertzog, Gridiron Gear, @hertzog27, hertzog27@msn.com

  27. Man…I can just picture my expression if I was to win this and share it with my nephew as well. Thank you!

  28. Sean Sandberg, Signatures, @ssandberg166, ssandberg166@hotmail.com

  29. this is the best one yet.

  30. I love the colts. with some LUCK maybe I can win.

  31. in for Tuesday…. thanks

  32. love it.

  33. i’m in

  34. Ryan Minnigh, National Treasures, @rmm034, FalconsGoose76@gmail.com

  35. Ben Mayotte,National Treasures,@w1r3nut273

  36. Tuesday…
    dawgpaws, Panini Signatures, @dawg_paws, dawgpaws@mac.com

  37. Good for Tuesday

  38. Patrick Murphy, National Treasures, @13yankeesfan13, mlbbaseballfanph@gmail.com

  39. Trevor Gaffney, National Treasures, @stuffmiami, trevorgaff@gmail.com

  40. Just found out on my twin girl’s birthday today that we are FINALLY having a BOY after 3 girls. The Lord is good. In for Tuesday. Happy Birthday Kaydee and Kiersten.

  41. Another entry! So excited!! Thank you for the chance!! Most amazing contest ever! Not that all of your contests aren’t 🙂

  42. so here we go!!!!!!!

  43. humpday

  44. i’m in today

  45. yes

  46. in

  47. lets roll

  48. in for Weddnesday

  49. David Alderman
    Fav brand : Crown Royale

    Thanks for the contest!

  50. In for Wednesday.
    dawgpaws, Panini Signatures, @dawg_paws, dawgpaws@mac.com

  51. Sean Sandberg, Gridiron Gear, @ssandberg166, ssandberg166@hotmail.com

  52. […] to enter and free. Just read the details. I look forward to seeing your entries and good luck! 2013 Panini NFL Player Of The Day Contest! | Sports Card Info Reply With […]

  53. Andrew Schmidt
    Favorite Brand: National Treasures

  54. Hump DAYYYYYY
    Entry 2

  55. In for Wednesday-3

  56. Thursday…
    dawgpaws, Panini Signatures, @dawg_paws, dawgpaws@mac.com

  57. Thank you for another grand opportunity. I have my fingers crossed! My little nephew who collects does too!

  58. Great Contest

  59. Nick Mikulicich, Leaf Rookies & Stars, @StalkingPMS, nmmjr@aol.com

  60. Another GREAT Contest!!!! In for Thursday-4

  61. in for Thursday

  62. i’m in today

  63. great contest

  64. thursday

  65. yes

  66. Ethan Max,
    Crown Royale,

  67. J.J. Hernandez, Crown Royale, @GodsSon1985, j2daz2003@yahoo.com Thanks for the contest!

  68. Thursday #3

  69. Here again! Thanks for the chance!! Very excited. Crossing off days on my calendar!

  70. Friday Entry

  71. friday

  72. in for Friday

  73. i’m in again

  74. Friday

  75. in for friday

  76. In for Friday.
    dawgpaws, Panini Signatures, @dawg_paws, dawgpaws@mac.com

  77. I’m in

  78. In for Friday #3

  79. awesome contest

  80. Saturday entry. Thanks for the contest.

  81. Saturday entry

  82. Another entry! Almost one week down in this contest! Will be back again tomorrow! thank you!!

  83. So Here We Go Again

  84. This is an awesome contest!!

  85. Saturday

  86. in for Saturday

  87. Saturday

  88. in for today

  89. Saturday entry

  90. Cody Marsee, Momentum, @cmarsee3, codymarsee@gmail.com

  91. Todd Terkhorn, Totally Certified, @terkhorn0069, terkhorn0069@yahoo.com

  92. In Saturday

  93. Luke Santavicca, Certified, @luke_santa13, luke.santa@outlook.com

    Sweet contest! Thanks!

  94. Back again! Thanks for the amazing opportunity!

  95. sunday entry

  96. In for Sunday.

  97. For some reason, I think the contest is cooler today! I’m in!

  98. sunday entry

  99. In for Sunday.

  100. Sunday.

  101. sunday entry

  102. in for today

  103. John Glazewski, 2013 Certified FB, @JohnnyG711, jrzguyfla@yahoo.com

  104. jonathan tyson 2012 certified @wolfpack11 jtyson77@msn.com

  105. in for sunday

  106. In for today

  107. Monday…

  108. Back again! Very much appreciate this opportunity! Have a great day!

  109. Good For Monday

  110. I’m in. Thanks

  111. Monday…

  112. I’m in. Thanks

  113. Good For Monday

  114. Monday

  115. I’m in. Thanks

  116. In for the 14th

  117. Zac Smith
    National Treasures(Even though I can’t afford a box) just because they look freaking sweet!!

  118. in for Monday

  119. Nick Reiten, Certified, @soulax5, soulax5@yahoo.com

  120. im in

  121. Back again! Really hope to win for my nephew and I!

  122. In for Tuesday.

  123. In for Tuesday!!! Sports Info Thanks for the contests!!!!!


  125. In for Tuesday.

  126. im in


  128. In for Tuesday!!!

  129. Tuesday.

  130. Tuesday entry!

  131. Tuesday

  132. Tuesday.

  133. Thanks again for this opportunity. This would be amazing to win! Whole year would be made.

  134. In for Wednesday.

  135. In for Wednesday

  136. entry for Wednesday

  137. Wednesday entry

  138. hump day

  139. i’m in today…thanks

  140. humpday

  141. in

  142. wow i’m in

  143. Wednesday

  144. My hump day, 10/16 entry

  145. Thursday

  146. Thursday entry

  147. Thursday…

  148. In for Thursday

  149. Todays Entry

  150. I am in to win today! Can’t wait to find out the winner! #reallywantthis

  151. thursday

  152. I’m in for today

  153. in

  154. wow

  155. yes, yes, yes

  156. This contest still rocks!! Awesome! 🙂

  157. You know what day it is? Its my weekend!

  158. Shame it’s not open to Canadians! What a sick contest… good luck to all who entered.

  159. In for Friday.

  160. in for Friday

  161. Thanks again for this chance! Love the blog too!

  162. Friday’s Entry

  163. Friday

  164. In for Friday

  165. In for Friday

  166. In for Friday

  167. in for fri

  168. Friday

  169. Its Friday.

  170. This is still awesome!

  171. Saturday…

  172. Yes! Another week down! And another x on my calendar (probably my nephews too)

  173. Entry for today

  174. Saturday baby!

  175. Saturday…

  176. Saturday…

  177. I’m in. yes

  178. in for Saturday

  179. wow.

  180. saturday

  181. In for Saturday!!!!

  182. I am in this contest..just amazing!

  183. Sunday

  184. In for Sunday. Thanks for the contest.

  185. In for game day Sunday!

  186. Sunday

  187. In Sunday.

  188. In for game day Sunday!

  189. in for sunday

  190. Sunday!

  191. Sunday!

  192. /in

  193. In for Sunday!!!!

  194. Monday entry.thanks for contest

  195. Monday entry.

  196. Monday go Red Sox’s

  197. Thanks again for the contest! Really looking forward to the winner announcement!

  198. Monday entry.

  199. Monday entry.thanks for contest

  200. Monday

  201. Monday entry.

  202. Monday entry.

  203. Mondayyyy

  204. Whoops. Forgot that this was once per day, and not once for the contest.

  205. Are you ready for some football? Ive got the Vikes tonight!

  206. Back in it.

  207. This is amazing contest and blog. Thanks for the opportunity at this prize lot. My nephew is more excited about this than Halloween candy lol.

  208. Tuesday.

  209. We are having a BOY!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!! In for Tuesday!!!!


  211. Tuesday

  212. Tuesday.

  213. in for Tuesday.

  214. Tuesday.

  215. Tuesday.

  216. Tuesday

  217. put me in coach

  218. No football today??good thing we all have this contest! 🙂


  220. Entry for Wednesday.

  221. In for another day! Thanks!

  222. In for wednesday

  223. In for wednesday

  224. Entry for Wednesday.

  225. In for another day! Thanks!

  226. wednesday

  227. In for wednesday

  228. In for wednesday

  229. 10/23

  230. hump day!

  231. Almost forgot my Wednesday entry.. Good thing I remembered.

  232. Been here everyday 🙂 Also been here awhile before this contest as soon as I found this blog 🙂 Great content and contests! Thanks again!

  233. Thursday.

  234. Thursday

  235. Thursday entry!

  236. In for Thursday!!!

  237. Thursday.

  238. Thursday.

  239. in for Thursday.

  240. Thursday entry

  241. Thursday.

  242. 10/24

  243. Thursday Entry. Thanks for the contest

  244. Weekend for me.

  245. I am so excited about this opportunity. Just hope I am not going to be disappointed when all is over with. Thanks for the chance!

  246. Friday entry. Thanks for the contest.


  248. In for Friday. Thanks for the weekly GIVEAWAYS!!!!!

  249. Friday entry

  250. Friday.

  251. fri

  252. Friday entry. Thanks for the contest.

  253. tgif

  254. Friday entry!

  255. Friday entry.Thanks

  256. 10/25

  257. In for Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and friday

  258. looking for better luck today

  259. Entry for Saturday.

  260. In again! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to see who is going to win! My nephew can’t either!

  261. 10/26

  262. Saturday, I can’t believe this contest is almost over!

  263. in

  264. Saturday.

  265. in for 10/26

  266. yes i’m in

  267. sat

  268. please let me win

  269. I am in for Saturday!!!! Thanks!!!!!

  270. 10/26

  271. Sunday entry.

  272. Football Sunday! got any upsets today picked?

    Thanks again for the chance!

  273. Let’s Go

  274. Sunday Gameday!

    Go Steelers!

  275. Sunday!

  276. Sunday entry.

  277. Sunday

  278. Football Sunday!

  279. Sunday

  280. sunday entry.Thanks for contest

  281. In for Sunday!!!!!

  282. 10/27

  283. In for Monday.

  284. Monday, Monday!

  285. down to the wire

  286. In for Monday. Thanks

  287. CAn’t believe this contest is creeping towards its end!! I am chewing my nails off! My nephew has been visiting everyday as well staring at the prize pack. Thanks to you and Panini for the chance!

  288. In for Monday.

  289. Monday.

  290. Monday.

  291. In for Monday. Thanks

  292. Monday, Monday!

  293. 10/28

  294. MNF

  295. Tuesday entry

  296. Another day closer to the winner! Thanks again!

  297. Tuesday!

  298. getting closer

  299. Tuesday entry. Thanks for the contest.

  300. In for Tuesday!!!!

  301. In for Tuesday!!!!

  302. Tuesday entry.

  303. Thanks for the contest.

  304. Tuesday!!!!

  305. Tuesday entry.

  306. 10/29

  307. Another day down!! Getting really excited!! thanks for the chance!

  308. In for Wednesday!

  309. “Ryan Padden, National Treasures, @ryanpadden6, padden80@gmail.com

  310. Wednesday! Only one more entry to go..

  311. almost there

  312. wednesday entry

  313. In for Wednesday. Thank you!!!!

  314. 10/30

  315. Todd Zahniser, Panini Prizm Football, @toddzahniser, tzahniser1@verizon.net

  316. In for Wednesday. Thank you!!!!

  317. Wednesday.

  318. wednesday entry

  319. yes, yes, yes, i’m in

  320. please let me win

  321. thanks again! My nephew and I are counting down to the winner announcement! Thanks again!

  322. Last day. Happy Halloween! Good luck everyone.

  323. Here we Go

  324. The Final Day!!!! Thanks Andrew and Sports Card Info for the weekly contests and giving back to the Hobby!!!!!!

  325. Happy Halloween!

  326. Good luck everyone.

  327. Thursday!!!!!

  328. The Final Day!!!!

  329. Here we Go. Last day.

  330. Last entry!

    Thank you and Panini for the opportunity on this wonderful contest! Makes me proud to be card collector!

  331. my final entry

  332. thank you guys and also Panini for doing this for us

  333. thanks for the contest

  334. […] 2013 Panini NFL Player Of The Day Contest! – NOW CLOSED […]

  335. […] Promotion.  If you recall, Sports Card Info’s involvement in this promotion meant holding a contest jam-packed with a ton of great prizes.  It was the largest contest held in Sports Card Info’s six year history.  I’m happy […]

  336. […] Info to be involved.  In short, this means Sports Card Info gets to give away a ton of stuff.  Just check out the goodies I got to give away last year.  It was the longest running and most entered contest in Sports Card Info’s history. […]

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