2013-14 ITG Enforcers II Box Break & Review

Design:  photo 3blood.jpg

From a design point of view, Enforcers II is almost identical when compared to its predecessor.  The only main difference are a handful of new designs.  But the blood spotted look, along with the bandage-like signature design will never get old.

Price:  photo 4blood.jpg

Boxes are currently selling for $68.00.  Given the amount of “hits” you get, that isn’t too bad of a price.  Sure, when you have a lower price with a product that contains a bunch of “hits” the odds of getting something really big drop, but that’s the way this hobby works.

“Hit” Quality:  photo 4blood.jpg

Every box contains 12 cards – (4) autographs, (3) relics, and (5) base cards.

I pulled the following:


  • Mick Vukota Enforcers II Auto
  • Craig Coxe Enforcers II Auto
  • Jim Nill Enforcers II Auto
  • Ron Stern Enforcers II Auto

 photo vukauto_zps484369f1.jpg


  • Todd Fedoruk Instigator 2-Color Patch #’ed/20
  • Aaron Downey vs. Peter Worrell Combatants Dual Jersey
  • Felix Potvin Pugilistic Puck Stoppers Jersey

 photo enforcepatch_zps3781275c.jpg


  • Jim Dorey/Forbes Kennedy Tag Teams #125
  • Fraser vs. O’Reilly Tale Of The Tape #149
  • Daneyko vs. Ray Bloody Battles #173
  • Kolzig vs. Dafoe Crease Conflicts #94
  • Tie Domi 3,000 P.I.M. Club #102

 photo bloody_zpsc4d255c1.jpg

Overall:  photo 3blood.jpg

Overall, I give Enforcers II 3 blood drops out of 5 (1=poor & 5=perfect).  Its one of the most violent and bloody sets ever created.  You’d never see anything like this when it comes to baseball, basketball or golf :-).  The design is great, but it would have been nice to see some newer/innovated designs.  I don’t have a problem with the design they used before, but using the identical one again usually isn’t something collectors want to see.

 photo 1314itgenfii_zps94b0c48c.jpg

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