Flashback Product of the Week: 1996 Upper Deck Halloween Treats

 photo 96udht_zpsaf6438ba.jpg

This is one of those cases where the packaging really makes the product.  In 1996 Upper Deck made up these bags for Halloween.  On the front of each bag you’ll find an athlete (Dan Marino, Ken Griffey Jr, Michael Jordan) pictured in some type of Halloween scene.  The artwork was done by artist Chris Consani.  Inside each bag there are 15 two-card packs.  Dan Marino would have football cards, Ken Griffey Jr would have baseball, and Michael Jordan would have basketball.  The cards weren’t anything special, just base of that sport’s flagship product from Upper Deck.  These were distributed in Carlsbad, CA, Michael Jordan’s restaurant in Chicago, and Police Headquarters in Los Angeles as a way to help promote Halloween safety.  Police officers would hand them out to kids while on patrol.  At the end of the day, they’re just bags filled with base cards.  What kid wouldn’t want one?

When it comes to value.  There barely is any at all.  That die-hard player collector might pay a few bucks for a sealed bag.

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