“Pin-Up” of the Week: 2013 MLB World Series Press Pins

 photo 2013wspresspins_zpsa3704b6c.jpg

Boston did it again last night.  They went on to win the 2013 World Series.  I wonder if Bobby Valentine was watching?  Former Phillie Shane Victorino got it started with a bases loaded blast off the Green Monster, while Big Pappi went on to be the M.V.P.  Its the first time the Red Sox have won the World Series on their home field in 95 years.

The World Series has a lot of merchandise.  Just ask QVC and HSN.  They probably started churning out Red Sox stuff as soon as Carpenter struck out.  Two of the biggest collectibles you could get from this past World Series are the press pins.  The Cardinals and Red Sox each had a pin made for members of the media.  Right now would not be the ideal time to purchase one as the World Series hasn’t even been over for 24 hours.  These are in high demand selling for $150.00 per pin.  I’d let some time pass before adding either one to your collection.  They’ll cool off.

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