Panini’s Black Friday Promotion Returns For A 3rd Year

If there is one time of the year Panini’s obsession with foil is perfectly appropriate, its the holiday season.  Returning for 2013 is Panini’s Black Friday hobby shop promotion.  By now you can probably tell that Panini is the king when it comes to giveaways.  They’re constantly giving away stuff.  Collectors that attended the Toronto Expo recently got a small taste of what is to come for this year’s Black Friday promotion.  But this is just the beginning.  Its funny how some of Panini’s promos are designed better than some of their regular products.

Come on Panini!  Let’s see some red, green, white, cracked ice Christmas themed Prizm parallels.  I know you want to make them.  How about a gravy themed Prizm parallel?

 photo BZNgY7fCYAAsh7M_zps9b3660d8.jpg

 photo BZIfhO8CIAAYI1g_zps9ad8ed49.jpg

 photo BZIbkZCIUAAkc7d_zps9174dd98.jpg

 photo BZImVZWCEAA8N7Z_zps77116fc5.jpg

 photo BZInkuVCYAAmWbY_zpsd42a3b8d.jpg

 photo BZIsIAzCMAAzc2M_zps41dc13ff.jpg

 photo BZIR9A0CEAEw4cJ_zpsc0b25c4a.jpg

 photo BZIVkLOCEAEcl-h_zps4293b652.jpg

 photo BZJ9YoWCQAEd-2B_zps0e69bfa8.jpg

 photo BZKN0FUCcAI7hb1_zps7d7b6ed7.jpg

 photo BZKw8QmCcAACk-u_zps10e8a1d2.jpg

 photo BZKLLtnCcAAQS8U_zpse1a9c829.jpg

 photo BZM29C5CIAECIiJ_zps052d55e3.jpg

Its really difficult to see the signature on this one, but its there.

 photo BZNf1ALCMAE81pe_zpsc5f37d55.jpg

 photo BZM41yRCQAI98UL_zpsb77bb81f.jpg

I do believe that Panini is the #1 buyer of tinsel.

 photo BZN1PFBCEAEgbTX_zps9d226896.jpg

 photo BZNfdwKCIAAJsrA_zpsce778f5a.jpg

 photo BZM4Vt8CAAA3VVY_zps16add0e8.jpg

 photo BZM3jqoCUAAgUQM_zps50d531f6.jpg

 photo sappbf_zps1b496de9.jpg

This is a perfect example of how their promos can look better than anything else they make.  Check out some of the others.

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