Windshield & Truck Tread Relics Coming To 2014 Total Memorabilia

Press Pass seems to have given Total Memorabilia a complete makeover.  This is a great thing considering only after two years it was beginning to feel like Triple Threads (prior to it’s redesign).  The 2012 set reminds me of Ultimate Collection which I liked.  Last year’s set has that terrible pattered grey background that looks like the wallpaper you’d find in an old lady’s house.  2014 Total Memorabilia not only looks a lot better than it’s predecessors, but contains some new memorabilia that collectors haven’t really seen before.

The two new types of cards to look for include Dirt Track Treads and Clear Cuts.  Dirt Track Treads contain pieces of truck tires that were used at the first dirt track race at Eldora Speedway.  Clear Cuts (totally unrelated to Strata’s Clear Cuts) will have a piece of race-used windshield in them.  In addition to that, Total Memorabilia will have the standard firesuit, tire, shoe, and sheet-metal relics we’ve all seen before.  The only drawback I see are the big white boxes for the autographs.  Overall, I would say that this product looks better than their high-end Five Star set they plan to release later this year.

Every box has (5) autographs/relics, (5) NASCAR Hall of Fame Plaque inserts, (5) Acceleration inserts, (5) parallels, and (25) base cards.

 photo dirttm14_zpsfeed6de2.jpg

 photo cctm14_zps56e13ab1.jpg

 photo detm14_zps2fc36404.jpg

 photo 14tmjg_zps2742d081.jpg

 photo kb14tm_zpse0b2f79d.jpg

 photo champ14tm_zps71692ed7.jpg

 photo 14tmbr_zps28800351.jpg

 photo tstm14_zps7f96cd21.jpg

 photo larsontm14_zpse7c3b747.jpg

 photo tbtm14_zps2464536e.jpg

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