Flashback Product of the Week: 1991 Hoby Cards Southeastern Conference SEC Stars

 photo hobysecjy_zpsb040e899.jpg

You’ve never heard of Hoby Cards?  That’s alright.  Neither did I.  Hoby Cards is another flash in the pan card manufacturer that surfaced during the early 90’s.  The set they get the most recognition for would have to be their 1991 Southeastern Conference SEC Stars.  The set consists of 396 black-and-white and color photos of past stars who played for schools that were in the SEC at the time.  For those die-hard Hoby Cards collectors (Hoby Heads) wanting to put this set together, you should know one little thing.  There are no cards in this set containing numbers 289 to 298.  Somewhere along the line there was an error where both Tennessee and Vanderbilt cards are numbered 325 to 334.  If you plan to attend an autograph signing, these cards are perfect for getting an autograph.

 photo secauto_zps72b09944.jpg

Hoby Cards inserted autographs at a rate of 1:12,960 packs.  Yah.  They weren’t the easiest cards to find.  There were ten different autographs each limited to 1,000 copies.  That is a total of 10,000 autographed cards.  Every one of them came with a tiny white box for them to sign in.  Zeke Bratkowski completely ignored the white box and signed wherever he wanted.  Other autographs in the set include Carlos Alvarez, Jerry Clower, Condredge Holloway, Bert Jones, Archie Manning, Ken Stabler, Pat Sullivan, Jeff Van Note, and Bill Wade.

 photo hobysample_zps018381c1.jpg

In an effort to promote their product, Hoby Cards produced ten sample cards that were probably sent to dealers and distributors.  The samples look just like the autographed cards except have no signature.

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