MLB TeenyMates Are Here!

TeenyMates would like to welcome a new addition to their family – MLB TeenyMates.  Now MLB fans can take advantage of the fun these little guys bring to the table.  Its been almost two years since TeenyMates made their debut, and collectors seem to really enjoy them.  When I say really enjoy them, I mean REALLY enjoy them.  Some of the rare chase figures are commanding major prices on the secondary market.

All of the greatness that TeenyMates brought to their NFL, NHL, and NBA sets can be found within their MLB figures too.

 photo MLBTeenymatesSeries1_figures1_zps2f13e850.jpg

Within each pack, you’ll find (2) 1″ vinyl figures and (2) puzzle pieces.  Collect all 30 MLB teams.

 photo TMMLBPuzzle1_zps62ce7504.jpg

 photo MLBTM_RARE_GROUP1_zpsb7a3887a.jpg

While opening your packs, keep an eye open for the (4) rare figures randomly thrown in.

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