2014 Press Pass Gameday Gallery Preview

Gameday Gallery doesn’t mess around and gets straight to the point.  Each 1-pack box contains five cards that are all hard-signed.  The base autographs stick out to me the most this year given that they’re horizontal and have a large white area for the signature.  These might be some of the nicest pre-draft/unlicensed football cards that Press Pass has issued in years.  Plus I like the artistic filter they use on the photographs to give them that painted look.  Press Pass has been using that technique with Gameday Gallery for awhile now, but the 2014 cards look the best.  The autographs aren’t boxed in.

You can look for 2014 Gameday Gallery in early April.

 photo mangd14_zpsd6ff1916.jpg

 photo jcgd14_zpsdc2277c2.jpg

 photo tbgd14_zpsdfa9d8de.jpg

 photo bort14gd_zps0cf7d511.jpg

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