2014 Press Pass Football Box Break & Review

Design:  photo 25hot.jpg

The base set looks a lot better when compared to previous years.  Its got more white to it which I always like.  For being the pre-draft/unlicensed product it is most of the cards look good, but some contain giant white boxes for the autographs.

Price:  photo 25hot.jpg

Boxes are currently selling for $95.00.  Expect that to drop when all the other licensed stuff comes out.

“Hit” Quality:  photo 35hot.jpg

Every box should contain at least (6) on-card autographs.  Don’t forget to send in the UPC code off the box to get your free Michael Sam autograph while supplies last.

I pulled the following:


  • Mike Evans Power Pick Blue Ink Auto #’ed/25
  • Ryan Shazier Blue Ink Auto #’ed/199
  • Khalil Mack Blue Ink Auto #’ed/199
  • Jeff Mathews Blue Ink Auto #’ed/99
  • Charles Sims Blue Ink Auto
  • Robert Herron Blue Ink Auto

 photo evansauto_zpsc5b1d27d.jpg

 photo shaauto_zps331aff17.jpg

 photo mack_zps6609cf80.jpg

 photo mathews_zps507c1d2f.jpg

 photo sims_zps25e96a88.jpg

 photo herron_zpsa92b7c9d.jpg


  • Davante Adams #’ed/199
  • Eric Ebron #’ed/99

 photo adamsref_zps4deb3f9a.jpg

 photo ebron_zpsc86cb658.jpg

Overall:  photo 3hot.jpg

Overall, I give 2014 Press Pass Football an average of 3 hot dogs out of 5 (1=poor & 5=perfect).  It is what it is.  I don’t think pre-draft/unlicensed products need to have this many base cards.  A quick thrill 6-autograph pack would be fine with me.  Press Pass should forget about this product and just stick to issuing FanFare and GameDay Gallery earlier.

 photo 14ppfbbox_zpsbc8d28c2.jpg

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