2014 Press Pass Gameday Gallery Box Break & Review

Design:  photo 4hot.jpg

The base autographs and their parallels look really good.  In fact, these might be the nicest non-licensed/pre-draft football cards that Press Pass has ever made.  Horizontal layout, white card stock, and a painted look to the images are what standout to me.  They left plenty of room for the signatures and don’t look boxed in.

Price:  photo 3hot.jpg

Boxes are currently selling for $82.00.  This will drop when the licensed products get released.

“Hit” Quality:  photo 4hot.jpg

This is another fast thrill product, as these non-licensed/pre-draft products should be.  Nobody really needs all those logo-less base cards anyway.

I pulled the following:


  • Darqueze Dennard Blue Ink #’ed/99
  • James Franklin Blue Ink #’ed/99
  • Robert Herron Blue Ink #’ed/150
  • Tajh Boyd Blue Ink #’ed/150
  • Aaron Murray Blue Ink #’ed/150

 photo den14gdg_zps1a504dde.jpg

 photo jf14gdg_zps9f002438.jpg

 photo boyd14gdg_zps1b48c156.jpg

 photo murrayppgdg_zpsc89659be.jpg

 photo her14gdg_zpsb7e5c2c6.jpg

Overall:  photo 4hot.jpg

Overall, I give 2014 Press Pass Gameday Gallery 4 hot dogs out of 5 (1=poor & 5=perfect).  For what it is, Press Pass did a nice job.  Its much better looking than the other football products Press Pass has been releasing.

 photo 14ppgdgbox_zpsdd1dff9f.jpg

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