2014 Press Pass Total Memorabilia Gallery Edition Box Break & Review

Design:  photo 4ckflag.jpg

From a design point of view this year’s version of Total Memorabilia looks way better when compared to its predecessors.  Lets start with the box itself.  Up until this year, Total Memorabilia packs came tightly crammed into a small box.  Trying to get that first pack out was a pain.  For 2014 Press Pass placed the five foil covered packs in a more traditional clear box.  That itself is a major improvement.

Now lets get to the cards.  They don’t look half bad either.  Press Pass used white card stock and a filter to make the photos have that painted feel to them.  The most disturbing aspect would probably be the 3D mini shadowbox like way they went with the autographs.  Its a 3D white box that has the autograph sunk in to the bottom of the card.  This has been a standard for Press Pass when it comes to this product.  Your attention really gets drawn to that part of the card, and maybe that’s what Press Pass is going for.  One of the new innovations that Press Pass included this year is race-used windshield cards.  We’ve never seen windshield relics before.  It almost looks like there isn’t anything in the card because the windshield is so clear.  I think Press Pass should have placed a piece of clear windshield over the 3D white box autographs.

Price:  photo 4ckflag.jpg

Boxes are currently selling for $90.00.

“Hit” Quality:  photo 4ckflag.jpg

Its a “hit” driven product.  Something for everyone in each pack.

I pulled the following:


  • Drew Herring Rising Stars Auto/Glove #’ed/125

 photo dh14autoglov_zpsc8132f28.jpg


  • Ty Dillion Tire/Sheet Metal #’ed/150
  • Danica Patrick Firesuit/Shirt/Sheet Metal #’ed/99
  • Matt Kenseth Tire/Sheet Metal #’ed/150
  • Regan Smith Firesuit/Shoe/Sheet Metal #’ed/99

 photo mk14tm_zps63bec358.jpg

 photo dp14tm_zps466ed481.jpg

 photo rmtm14_zpsc40bb8fe.jpg

 photo td14tmge_zpsce6471e9.jpg


  • Kyle Larson #’ed/175
  • Denny Hamlin #’ed/175
  • Tony Stewart #’ed/175
  • Jeb Burton #’ed/99
  • Matt Kenseth #’ed/99

 photo foiltm14_zpsd624fdd1.jpg

 photo tstmge_zps0f3b8ff3.jpg


  • Tony Stewart Acceleration #AC 1
  • Danica Patrick Acceleration #AC 9
  • Dale Earnhardt Jr Acceleration #AC 5
  • Jimmy Johnson Acceleration #AC 2
  • Darrell Waltrip NASCAR Hall of Fame Plaque #12
  • Glen Wood NASCAR Hall of Fame Plaque #15
  • Tim Flock NASCAR Hall of Fame Plaque #21
  • Leonard Wood NASCAR Hall of Fame Plaque #20
  • Maurice Petty NASCAR Hall of Fame Plaque #24

 photo dpac_zps7524a375.jpg

 photo dwhof_zps1ccfd907.jpg

Overall:  photo 4ckflag.jpg

Overall, I give 2014 Press Pass Total Memorabilia Gallery Edition 4 checkered flags out of 5 (1=poor & 5=perfect).  Its a step up from the other Total Memorabilia sets, especially from a visual perspective.  I still think it could use some tweaking.  I’m just glad they changed the design of the box.

 photo 14pptmg_zps5abcfb39.jpg

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