“Pin-Up” of the Week: 2014 Masters Berckmans Place Pin

 photo 2014mastersberckpin_zps891426a5.jpg

Looks like Bubba Watson just won his second green jacket.

Condoleezza Rice, Lynn Swann, and Jack Nicklaus.  These are some of the people that will greet you while entering Berckmans Place at Augusta National Golf Club.  Located beyond the trees close to the 5th hole is this very posh 90,000 sq/ft venue that takes the Masters experience to a whole new level.  Its not for the common folk like you or me.  This is for the very wealthy.  Or at least people who think they have money.  For all we know they could be in debt up to their eyeballs.  Don’t let the public image fool you.

I’ll get straight to the brass tax.  Its going to cost you at least $6,000 per ticket before getting to step inside Berckmans Place.  What do you get for that much money?  Pretty much everything including food and drink.  Berckmans Place has replica greens, restaurants, big ass TVs so you can watch the Masters, and exclusive merchandise.  It wouldn’t surprise me if the bathroom attendants offer to wipe your ass too.  I’m sure for any die hard Masters fan this would be the ultimate VIP treatment.

The Masters has its slew of new merchandise every year.  The Berckmans Place pin is one of the harder collectible pins to find, but not the rarest.  They seem to sell for $6.00 to $60.00.

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  1. I’m 69 years old and attended my first Masters last Sunday. While zigzagging through the line to get into the pro shop near gate 6, I passed a young man wearing the Berckmans Place pin. I enquired where they were available. He replied that it came in a special package(indeed!). When next he passed me in the line, he handed to me and said simply “here”. I thanked him not realizing it’s origin until now.
    I wish I could convey my thanks to the young man and tell him that I will certainly remember our passing at the 2014 Masters. He helped make a memory and tale that I will long remember.

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