Unboxing The Uncle’s Cards #2

Welcome to Part #2 of Unboxing The Uncle’s Cards.  Part #1 can be seen here.  This time around wasn’t quite as successful.  In reality, the best thing I found was $52.00 in loose quarters.  I did come across a handful of notable cards that aren’t worth too much because of their condition or they were just overproduced.  I’ve still got a bunch to go through.  No Honus Wagner T206s yet.

 photo jonesrc_zps6f779e58.jpg

Chipper Jones 1991 Topps RC #333

 photo clemente94_zpsfe0556bf.jpg

Roberto Clemente 1994 All-Star Game Topps Reprint #4 of 5

 photo ripkencoin_zps678ba93d.jpg

Cal Ripken Jr 1998 Pinnacle Mint Nickel/Silver Coin

 photo pinnbrasscoin_zps48f10bb8.jpg

(3) Pinnacle Mint Brass Coins – 1997 Ryan Klesko, 1998 Alex Rodriguez, 1998, Hideo Nomo

 photo scottrc_zpsa66f7d08.jpg

Jake Scott 1971 Topps RC #211

 photo lanierrc_zps845ce8ed.jpg

Willie Lanier 1971 Topps RC #114

 photo culprc_zpsd9f113e1.jpg

Curley Culp 1973 Topps RC #167

 photo otto71_zps5dd187fc.jpg

Jim Otto 1971 Topps #151

 photo fred71_zps4a4a98db.jpg

Fred Biletnikoff 1971 Topps #178

 photo krause71_zps2db92fda.jpg

Paul Krause 1971 Topps #158

 photo alworth71_zps2405033e.jpg

Lance Alworth 1971 Topps #10

3 Responses

  1. The Raider cards are awesome. I had Jim Otto “ottograph” mine.
    And I dig the Purple People Eater Krause as well.

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