2013-14 ITG Between The Pipes Box Break & Review

Design:  photo 3rbmask.jpg

One thing I notice with ITG products is that they barely change certain parts of a set from year to year.  What they do tweak are the more popular areas that I think they want collectors to pay attention to.  Among all the autographs and relics what the Between The Pipes brand is known for are the Masked Men inserts.  I have nothing negative to say about these as they combine an artistic look with chrome technology.  And they keep getting better looking each year.

Price:  photo 3rbmask.jpg

Boxes are currently selling for $87.00.

“Hit” Quality:  photo 3rbmask.jpg

Every box promises at least (2) autographs, (2) relics, and (3) Masked Men inserts.  ITG seems to deliver more than the stated odds most of the time.

I pulled the following:


  • Roberto Luongo Stars Of The Game Goaliegraph
  • Ben Bishop Stars Of The Game Goaliegraph
  • Dominic Roussel Greats Of The Game Goaliegraph

 photo luongoauto_zps94a90f50.jpg

 photo bish_zps718f3f7f.jpg

 photo domauto_zps530a1526.jpg


  • Olaf Kolzig Big League Debut 3-Color Patch Silver Version
  • Tim Cheveldae Jersey Silver Version
  • Daniel Altshuller Jersey Silver Version

 photo ofpatch_zps0eb5a0c5.jpg

 photo chevjersey_zps2e6be8bb.jpg

 photo altjersey_zps47b446c9.jpg


  • Hal Winkler Immortals #11
  • Terry Sawchuk Immortals #34
  • Tiny Thompson Immortals #12
  • Austin Lotz Masked Men 6 #19 Silver
  • John Garrett Masked Men 6 #28
  • Nikolai Khabibulin Masked Men 6 #8

 photo winkim_zps702ae43d.jpg

 photo sawim_zpsf511f53b.jpg

 photo tinyim_zps833666cd.jpg

 photo masklotz_zps27732bf0.jpg

 photo maskgar_zpsb2c75c3a.jpg

 photo masknik_zps57e9b74a.jpg

Overall:  photo 3rbmask.jpg

Overall, I give 2013-14 ITG Between The Pipes an average 3 goalie masks out of 5 (1=poor & 5=perfect).  Nothing too drastically different, but the Masked Men inserts continue to look great.   The goalie mask is probably one of the most decorated pieces of sports equipment, and its fun to see all of the creative designs.  My personal favorite Masked Men 6 insert has to be Eric Comrie as his mask features a Captain America paint scheme.

 photo 1314btpbox_zps92d17b3b.jpg

2 Responses

  1. Because I’m a big CHL fan, I always liked the BTP and H&P cards. Nice box! I like the Altshuller, Luongo and Bishop. You are lucky you got 2 star autographs!

  2. I think it’s funny that ITG considers Dominic Roussel a “greats” of the game. After seeing that I firmly believe that ITG should have a subset called “sieves” of the game. That would be a much better place for Roussel.

    The immortals subset cards are really sharp. I like those a lot.

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