Flashback Product of the Week: 1989 Topps Batman

 photo 1989batman_zpsea69f88a.jpg

By this point you can clearly see that this isn’t sports related at all.  But this movie and its sequel was the real deal for me growing up.  Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman film was my introduction to the world of superheros, which I cannot get enough of to this very day.

Prior to 1986, Batman was stuck in that BANG!, POW!, and BAM! campy Adam West style.  Frank Miller’s 1986 graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns gave Batman a much more serious and darker tone, resulting in what we’re all use to seeing today.  Burton drew upon that world as an inspiration for Batman and Batman Returns.  Unfortunately live-action Batman films fell off the correct track with Batman Forever and Batman & Robin and didn’t return until Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy.  Many critics believed it wasn’t possible to create a successful comic book movie, but this film really showed them.  It was a box office hit bringing in more than $400 million.  This movie is one of the main reasons why we have so many comic books films today.

Topps was able to cash in on some of that success by issuing a Batman card set.  The set was released in two different series each containing 132 cards and 22 stickers.  Series 1 has white-bordered fronts while Series 2 has yellow borders.  Many of the cards feature movie stills with captions, but others focus on storyboards and design art.  Topps issued these in both box and factory set form.

Due to the overproduction of cards at this time, this set carries little value now.  Both Series 1 and Series 2 sets can be found for under $20.00.  The only way any of these cards will increase in price is if Topps were to issue buyback autographs of Michael Keaton and/or Jack Nicholson.  Just like they did with Sylvester Stallone and his Rocky and Rambo cards in Topps 75th Anniversary.

 photo batmanbatmobilelarge-610x406_zpse9421441.jpg

For those fans that haven’t seen it yet, here is our first look at Ben Affleck as Batman in the Man Of Steel sequel.  Looks badass and very Frank Miller-like.

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