“Pin-Up” of the Week: 1937 American League All-Star Game Pin

 photo 1937asgpin_zpsa0ad93e4.jpg

The 1937 All-Star Game was played on July 7th at Griffith Stadium in Washington, D.C.  The American League ultimately won 8-3 over the National League.  Future Hall of Famer Dizzy Dean was involved in a play that broke his toe and greatly shortened his career.  These pins were not sold to the public or given to the press.  Press pins didn’t come around until 1938.  Pins such as this were most likely given to the players and other high ranking baseball officials.

Recently this game has been in the news because of the rare footage shot by Jimmie DeShong of the Washington Senators.  DeShong was able to capture footage of President Franklin D. Roosevelt walking with the help of leg braces and aids.  Its only the second known clip to exist of Roosevelt walking.  Roosevelt was paralyzed from the waste down by polio in 1921.  Footage like this was usually prohibited and/or confiscated by the Secret Service.  But DeShong was able to get away with it with his 8mm camera.

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